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Get ready to be part of something extraordinary at IBC2024. We are thrilled to introduce the all-new AI Tech Zone, powered by the EBU, at this year's event. This feature area is your gateway to generating leads, networking, and brand exposure with a thrilling journey of discovery and transformation.

The AI Tech Zone is more than just a showcase; it's where innovation meets imagination. Positioned prominently in Hall 14, this dedicated area will be bustling with industry leaders and visionaries eager to explore how AI is transforming media and entertainment. Engage with a highly desirable audience, generate quality leads, and propel your company into the future of media technology.


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Whether you're a creative mind exploring novel avenues in media content creation, an entrepreneur looking to harness AI as a catalyst for new value-added services, or a visionary pioneering new fundamental AI capabilities – this showcase is tailored to inspire and guide you.

For those exploring the intersection of AI and media content creation, come to find out how AI-driven tools and technologies are reinventing production at every scale, making the previously impossible possible and allowing you to create more impressive content more quickly.

Exhibiting opportunities are available within the AI Tech Zone. Join leading companies including Wasabi Technologies, AudioShake, Vionlabs and Zaibr, where you’ll have the opportunity to not only enhance your brand visibility but also position yourself as a thought leader in the AI space.


ICONSpecialized in developing and offering artificial intelligence technologies, tools, or platforms, AI Providers focus on creating algorithms, frameworks, and software infrastructure that enable the development and deployment of AI applications across various domains. Active in both the B2C and B2B spaces, AI Providers create the engines that power emerging services and applications.

ICONSpanning the range from individual youtuber to global production company or publisher, creators actively conceive, design, and produce content, products, or experiences. Creators look at AI applications as powerful and valuable tools in their toolkit and harness AI tools to explore new possibilities, automate repetitive tasks, or generate novel output across all flavours of audiovisual and interactive content.

ICONSolutions Providers leverage various technologies including artificial intelligence to build and offer solutions for specific problems or needs. Solutions Providers often build on the technology created by AI Providers, to deliver ready-made applications that are tailored to address particular challenges faced by businesses. These solutions often encompass a combination of software, hardware, consulting services, and sometimes customization, to meet the unique requirements of clients.

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