IBC Exhibitor Workshop Series


For Exhibitors Only, not suitable for Visitors or Press.

IBC will host a series of monthly webinars throughout the year leading up to IBC2024 for all our exhibitors. This webinar series is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into our exciting new plans for the upcoming year and ask any questions you may have about the exhibiting process. 

Each webinar in the series will focus on a specific topic around exhibiting, from booking a stand and gaining insight into sponsorship opportunities to learning about marketing assets and the Exhibiting Zone. Whether you're an IBC regular or first-time exhibitor there will be plenty of top tips and advice for ensuring you get optimum ROI on your stand booking.

Upcoming Webinar 7: Join us on June 20th at 3:00 PM BST for our seventh webinar 'Marketing and Lead Capture – A guide to exhibiting at IBC2024'.

Ayse Behcet, Senior Marketing Manager at IBC, and Candice Bakke, Senior Director, Captello, will guide exhibitors through the opportunities available to ensure that they are covering all channels in driving maximum visitor footfall at their stands at IBC2024. This includes Exhibitor codes, Marketing Toolkit, PR and an update on our brand-new Exhibitor competition.

Candice will also present the basics of how exhibitors access the portal and place orders, details on their products and why exhibitors should choose lead capture services. There will be opportunity for questions at the end of the webinar.

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Catch Up on Previous Episodes ...


Webinar 1: Watch the 'IBC2024 Stand Booking' webinar, our first webinar of the series, on-demand as we take you through the IBC exhibitor booking process for 2024 and answer the most frequently asked questions. Watch VOD here.


Webinar 2: Watch our second webinar, 'IBC2023 in review' where our Marketing, Operations and Sales teams, come together to provide an update on the 2023 show, highlight the key takeaways from their respective areas and give a glimpse into what’s in store for IBC2024. Watch VOD here.


Webinar 3: Watch our webinar 'How to make the most out of your marketing support'. The team will guide exhibitors through the various opportunities available to ensure that they are covering all channels in driving maximum visitor footfall at their stands at IBC2024. Watch VOD HERE.


Webinar 4: Watch our fourth webinar 'IBC2024 Exhibitor Logistics Update – How to plan and manage your stands' where Jamie Trevor, Exhibitor Operations Manager, details the processes for exhibitors at IBC this year and highlights important changes for this year for any returning exhibitors. 

Watch VOD here.


Webinar 4: Watch our fifth webinar 'Space Only stands at IBC2024 – your guide to exhibiting' focusing on space-only stands (including CE space only), double-decker stands and outdoor exhibits, providing an overview of the IBC2024 sponsorship and promotional opportunities available.

Watch VOD here.


Webinar 4: Watch our sixth webinar 'Logistics processes for exhibitors - Shell scheme, CE, Meeting suites and pods' focusing on the logistics process for exhibitors with shell scheme stands, enhanced shell schemes, CE shell schemes, meeting suites, balcony suites and Pods at IBC2024.

Watch VOD here.