Donation Room


The IBC Donation Room Initiative returned for 2023. Exhibitors were invited to hand in unwanted items at the end of the show. These items were then distributed among various social initiatives in the Amsterdam region. 

More information about the IBC2023 Donation Room initiative

Last years was a huge success thanks to all our exhibitors


What was donated

  • Hundreds of litres of soda, juices and water
  • About 30 boxes of sugar, coffee milk, coffee and tea
  • 6 big boxes of snacks (cookies, nuts, crackers, chocolates, candy etc)
  • A few crates of beer
  • 80 conference bags (from different exhibitors)
  • Boxes of new wine glasses and coffee mugs
  • 20 plants
  • Lots of furniture; 35 chairs, 7 cabinets, 3 rugs, 2 tables
  • About 50 books, all new ones!
  • A whole laminate floor 
  • 6 pillows, 4 vases, 20 vinyl records
  • 5 crates of cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and disposables



Who your donations helped

  • A refugee centre close to the RAI that houses 180 refugees from Ukraine.
  • PuurZuid is opening a new community centre for people in need so most of the furniture and the laminate floor is getting a great second life here
  • The Food Bank received a lot of the food and beverage donations.
  • The school across the street (ROC) that helped out by volunteering, received some of the donations towards their new educational programme.
  • A community centre received many new plants, some furniture and lots of beverages and coffee/tea supplies

Organisations Your Donations Help

Here is an overview of the social initiatives connected to the programme.

The Food Bank

Provides food parcels for people with no money for groceries. Food is not purchased – it is obtained from surpluses and donations, reducing food waste and the burden on the environment. The goal of the Food Bank is to help people in need.

Salvation Army Bij Bosshardt Amsterdam Noord

A neighbourhood meeting place where everyone is welcome. People go there for a cup of coffee, a listening ear, a cozy meal or various other activities. The activities organised at Bij Bosshardt are determined by the wishes and needs of the neighbourhood.


A open organisation in the field of social services. It contributes ideas in all neighbourhoods and areas of Amsterdam South and offers support where required.

Regenboog Group

Supports people that live in social poverty. Whether they became isolated because of mental health or addiction related issues, live on the street or have financial debts: The Regenboog Group stimulates people in poor social situations to take back the lead and create a fulfilling and socially active life for themselves.

Community centre Hendrik de Keijser

Gives local children and adults the chance to organise activities together, by and for each other. Regardless of their background, residents join forces to enhance the quality of life and enable people to live together and get to know each other better.

Vivium Torendael

Focuses on nursing care for people with dementia. They strive to improve the quality of life of the people in their modern nursing home by providing residential support, nursing care and improved life quality to help people with dementia lead normal lives.

Stichting Sina

Fights poverty in Amsterdam. It focuses on individuals and families who live on or near the poverty threshold. The goal is to provide people with insight into their own capabilities in various ways and help them become more self-sufficient so they can participate again in the community.


A thrift shop in the Amsterdam Metropolitan region. All proceeds go to social projects in the Netherlands and abroad.