• "IBC is the place to go to meet everyone whether that’s customers, suppliers, or potential future collaborators. There’s nothing quite like IBC for the industry."
    Andy Hook
    Director of Technology and Strategy, d&b
  • "IBC is unique in that it’s the only event that has the global scale to bring together all the media and entertainment companies across the world."
    Anthony Guarino
    EVP, Global Production & Studio Tech, Paramount Global
  • "The connections you can make at IBC with like-minded people are invaluable, as are all the opportunities of what future technology and industry could bring."
    Matt Risley
    Managing Director of 4Studio, Channel 4
  • "IBC is where you pick up all the latest trends, what you should be looking out for, where the chances for development and innovation are and what you should be paying attention to."
    Polly Hickling
    Learning and Development Lead for Media, Eviden
  • "IBC is an unrivalled opportunity for us to be able to collaborate with the industry."
    John Roberts
    Director of Technology, Production & Innovation, ITN
  • “It's important to be in a place where your imagination is sparked from many different directions globally. At IBC you can achieve all those things in one space over a short period of time.”
    Fiona Campbell
    Controller Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three - BBC
  • “IBC is the place where you can get together and share ideas, both with manufacturers, but also with other broadcasters. That’s what keeps us relevant and talking about the right problems.”
    Ian Wagdin
    Senior Technology Transformation Manager, BBC R&D
  • “IBC brings the world of media entertainment together to have the critical conversations, necessary for us to think about how we innovate. It's about networking, it's about the people, and it's about collaboration.”
    Renard Jenkins
    President, SMPTE
  • "IBC is a great place to connect with peers, network, and discover the latest technology. A truly valuable experience."
    Ryan McKenna
    Executive Product Manager, BBC
  • "At IBC, everyone comes together from across the industry to discuss important, industry issues."
    Judy Parnall
    Head of Standard & Industry, BBC
  • “What's incredibly important about IBC is the human interactivity, as well as learning about new technologies and industry trends, which you wouldn't have picked up on unless you were here.”
    Eddie Hamilton
    Editor A.C.E.
  • "If you want to know about the technology of the future, you need to be at IBC!"
    Roberto Iacoviello
    Lead Research Engineer, RAI
  • “IBC is so important because it provides a venue for the community to come together to offer diverse perspectives that would normally not be able to come out.”
    Samira Bakhtiar
    Director, Global Media & Entertainment - Amazon Web Services
  • “Every time I come to IBC, I learn something new. It's a great place to come and learn and get ready for the future.”
    Terri Davies
    President, Trusted Partner Network