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Welcome to IBC2024’s Immersive Tech Showcase, highlighting the latest in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse.

With our expansion into two dedicated halls, we're spotlighting these technologies' transformative impact on media.

We're convening industry leaders to explore immersive technologies and their role in evolving media and entertainment. Our programme offers a deep dive into innovative content creation, delivery systems, and the cutting-edge tech defining interactive experiences.

Join us at IBC2024 to engage with pioneering ideas and technologies at the forefront of immersive tech and shape the future of digital media.

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IBC2024 Conference Content Highlights

Themes like monetisation in immersive tech, AI in augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse, cloud distribution for VR content, and sustainability in immersive production will be central to our discussions at IBC2024’s Immersive Technology Showcase.

These pivotal topics will thread through our wider dialogues and be the focus of targeted panels, diving deep into their importance for AR, VR, and the metaverse.

Conference Immersive Tech Programme includes:

  • How are games impacting the media ecosystem?
  • What does human–machine collaboration mean for the future of content and creativity?
  • How can we build a  future ready tech stack to support  new business and operating models?

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IBC2024 will once again expand its scope of media technology, launching an immersive Gaming & Esports Showcase in Hall 8, in partnership with Unlocked to present the latest innovation in esports production and delivery while industry experts explore key trends and opportunities at the intersection of gaming and media.

The 2023 Gaming & Esports Showcase featured sessions exploring the immersive tech powering the video games market of the future, as well as and showcasing the gaming technology and real-time 3D tools making film production smoother, easier and faster, with visual effects being used in popular modern video games now catching the attention of filmmakers.

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2024 Immersive Tech Accelerator Projects

Connecting Live Performances of the Future

Connecting Live Performances of the Future with ULL-AVLM (Ultra-Low Latency Audio, Video, Light and Media Data) will also aim to recreate the experience of a live performance in multiple locations or bring together remote performers into a seamless and immersive live experience.

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Evolution of the Control Room

The 'Evolution of the Control Room - Leveraging XR, Voice, AI & HTML-Based Graphics Solutions' Challenge combines two original Accelerator 2024 proposals into a transformative, overarching project exploring the evolution of live production workflows – with two key streams of development – the Evolution of the Control Room, leveraging XR, Voice, AI and HTML Based Graphic Solutions.  

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IBC2024 Core Content Topics

Welcome to the heart of innovation at the International Broadcasting Convention 2024, where the future of broadcasting unfolds. This year, our Content Programme dives deep into the most pivotal and transformative topics shaping the global broadcasting and media landscape. Explore the cutting-edge advancements and critical insights across six primary areas:

Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI is revolutionising broadcasting, from automating tasks to enhancing viewer experiences. This segment will cover AI's role in content personalisation, creation, and efficiency improvements, showcasing its transformative impact on the industry.

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OTT & Streaming

OTT and streaming services have transformed media consumption, offering content anywhere, anytime. This section highlights trends, challenges, and strategies for success in content licensing, distribution, and delivering seamless streaming experiences.

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Cloud technology is crucial for broadcasters seeking flexibility and innovation. We'll discuss how it supports secure content storage, on-demand resource access, and seamless collaboration, transforming content distribution and remote production processes.

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Connected Technology

Uncover how interconnected technologies like IoT, 5G, and smart devices are creating a unified media ecosystem. This topic explores the potential for new content consumption forms and interactive audience experiences, redefining traditional broadcasting.

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Discover the latest in advertising technology, focusing on targeted advertising, real-time bidding, and analytics. Learn how Adtech connects advertisers with audiences more effectively, enhancing engagement and revenue in the digital landscape.

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Immersive Technology 

Immersive tech, including VR, AR, and MR, is opening new storytelling dimensions and engaging viewers like never before. Discover how these technologies offer compelling, immersive content experiences, from live events to narrative storytelling.

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IBC2023 Immersive Tech Highlights

Discover key insights from IBC2023 in our Highlights, featuring two notable panel sessions. First, delve into our Accelerator project "Real-Time XR Sport Edge", the aim of which was to broadcast digital twin XR Sports, including combat MMA (mixed martial arts), and the progressive AR techno-sport HADO into a live, immersive 3D world with high-end graphics, virtual advertising, spatial and social audio, and real-time edge-compute deliverability to fans in VR headsets, computers and mobile devices.

Then, explore "Recent advances in immersive and volumetric media" highlighting how immersive and extended reality technologies have now reached a maturity where standards are being proven, applications (especially in sport) are being explored through sophisticated prototypes, and practical network performances are being assessed against the critical expectations of the human senses.

Accelerator Project: Real-Time XR Sport Edge


Recent advances in immersive and volumetric media: