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Social Impact Awards Shortlist announced!

Social Impact Awards Shortlist announced!

NEW Social Impact Awards celebrate industry diversity, sustainability and ethical leadership.
Save over €400 on your IBC Conference Pass!

Save over €400 on your IBC Conference Pass!

Join YouTube, Havas, Amazon, Bauer Media & more at the IBC Conference.
Game of Thrones as you

Game of Thrones as you've never seen it before

Key creatives from behind Game of Thrones join us at the Big Screen to give insight from behind the scenes and show an exclusive screening of 'The Long Night'.
See it differently at IBC2019

See it differently at IBC2019

From CEOs to YouTubers, future trends to diversity in the industry, cinema to esports, & Australia to Zimbabwe - see it differently at IBC2019.
Planning your trip to IBC2019?

Planning your trip to IBC2019?

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400 inspirational speakers including game changing keynotes will speak in this year's Conference Programme.

Over the five days of the conference over 1,400 delegates and guests from across the globe will hear from our outstanding line-up of 400+ speakers, enjoy fantastic networking opportunities and be inspired to embrace the changes in our industry.


2019 Keynote Speakers and Global Gamechangers


The IBC Exhibition covers fifteen halls across the RAI and hosts over 1,700 exhibitors spanning the media, entertainment and technology industry.

Combining a world-class exhibition with free-to-attend feature areas and events, the IBC Exhibition provides the perfect platform for you to network and build relationships with suppliers and customers, discover the latest trends and technologies and drive your innovations and strategy.





  • Great experience, great content and great networking!
    Imad El Kadi
    Director of Operations, Paris Television Centre
  • One great place to have all those conversations, to see what's next and to show what's working.
    Yoav Schreiber
    Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems
  • An excellent opportunity to network with peers and hear the challenges in our industry!
    Gunnar Gudmundsson
    CTO, RUV Iceland
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    1,700+ Delegates

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    400+ Speakers

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    100+ Sessions 

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Free feature areas & events

IBC Awards

IBC Awards

Future Zone

Future Zone

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Leaders' Forum

Cyber Security Forum

Cyber Security Forum

Telco & Media Innovation Forum

Telco & Media Innovation Forum


  • IBC2019: Industry experts and thought leaders will gather at the annual IBC Show to address the biggest opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

    IBC2018 forum audience

    IBC2019: Consumers First: A New Era in Media 

    IBC2019: Industry experts and thought leaders will gather at the annual IBC Show to address the biggest opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

    IBC has announced this year the conference and exhibition dates are now aligned with the conference agenda tracks reflecting the changes across the industry with a consumer first focus.

    The IBC Content Steering Group has set the agenda for this year’s conference, made up by a collection of industry leaders across the broadcasting, media and entertainment sectors.

    IBC promises invaluable insight from over 300 expert speakers from around the world.

    The main conference programme is split into five new tracks, with a different focus each day, covering each stage of the end-to-end media content chain. These include:

    • Create and Produce: Creating Disruption offers insights into new technologies and concepts including interactivity and 8K production.
    • Manage: Automating Media Supply Chains looks at AI and other new technologies that can create more successful media supply chains.
    • Publish:Embracing the Platform Revolution presents new business models that are disrupting the industry.
    • Consume:Engaging Consumer Experiences delves into consumer consumption habits and next-gen fan engagement.
    • Monetise:Scaling Audiences and Revenues shines a light on brands as broadcasters and new models of advertising.

    Each track will also feature Tech Talks, which will present cutting-edge technical papers and in-depth discussions on the technology enabling the media content chain.

    Changing the game
    The Global Gamechangers stage makes a welcome return to IBC, bringing the foremost innovators and business disruptors from across the media, entertainment and technology spectrum to share successes and stimulate debate.

    Consumer Technology Association president and chief executive Gary Shapiro; All3Media chief executive Jane Turton and BBC Studios UK Production managing director Lisa Opie are among the confirmed speakers who will discuss their opinions and experiences.

    Keynote speakers will set the tone for the entire event, examining the current state of the industry and sharing their visions for the future. They include Youube head of EMEA Cécile Frot-Coutaz; Vivendi chairman Arnaud de Puyfontaine and Amazon Alexa EU lead evangelist Max Amordeluso.

    Entering the esports arena 
    Arguably the fastest growing sector in the industry is esports which will play a major role at IBC2019. The IBC Esports Showcase, supported by ESL, Lagardère and EVS, will feature a full esports tournament hosted in the Auditorium, bringing the excitement and fan engagement generated by esports events, while demonstrating the size and scale of a typical event.

    The showcase will also present a series of esports focused scene-setters, panels, keynotes and interviews.

    Media and Telco Catalysts
    The new collaboration between IBC and the TM Forum will bring the Media-Telecom Catalyst projects to IBC.

    Three unique Catalyst projects will drive open innovation between the telecoms and media industries and include participation from Al Jazeera, Associated Press, BBC R&D, RTÉ and more to exploit 5G, AI, and data management to solve business and technology challenges and improve customer experience.

    On the Big Screen
    The Big Screen will deliver a comprehensive program of events and screenings that take full advantage of the very latest cinema projection and sound equipment.

    Sessions from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit ahead of Attenborough’s next big wildlife epic, Game of Thrones with an exclusive screening of The Long Night and the team behind Toy Story offer insight to Toy Story 4.

    Awarding success
    The prestigious IBC Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 15 September to celebrate the industry’s highest achievements.

    IBC has confirmed two new awards this year: The Young Pioneer Award which will recognise the outstanding commitment, ambition and achievement of young professionals in creative, technical, commercial or strategic roles; while the Social Impact Award will recognise a company initiative or campaign that is making a positive impact in the wider world.

    Register for IBC2019 here:

  • Six US organisations have formed a coalition aimed at redefining how Hollywood is covered in the media to improve the diversity for the press.

    diversity and inclusion

    CGEM alliance: Established to address the lack of diversity in the film and TV industry 

    Six US organisations have formed a coalition aimed at redefining how Hollywood is covered in the media to improve the diversity for the press.

    The Critics Group for Equality in Media (CGEM) alliance has been established to address the lack of diversity and help foster greater inclusivity for those who cover the Hollywood media and entertainment industry news.

    The new coalition’s goals include pushing for better pay and inclusive representation in media outlets, strengthening relationships with studios, networks and public-relations firms and nurturing the next generation of voices.

    CGEM is made up by Galeca: the Society of LGBTQ entertainment critics,  African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), Asian American Journalists Association Features Forum (AAJA), Latino Entertainment Journalists Association (LEJA), Online Association of Female Film Critics (OAFFC) and Time’s Up Entertainment.

    Galeca executive director John Griffiths said: “Each of our groups represents a unique perspective – often informed by oppression – that enriches and shapes society.

    “Yet, even amid today’s stepped-up push for diversity and inclusivity, progress has been slow and many fail to realise that our groups’ voices - if amplified to match their true value - can provide a roadmap for boosting creativity, box office, ratings and excitement for a project.

    ”Our goal is to break down those barriers for ourselves, for audiences and for the next generation of entertainment journalists.”

    Among the potential initiatives is a watchdog system of grading studios, networks and PR houses annually on the quality of their engagement with each group as well as honouring the professional media executives who prioritise inclusion.  

    AAFC co-founder and president Gil Robertson said: ”When studios, networks and other entertainment organisations work in partnership with our organisations and members, we’ve seen how that synergy creates evolved thinking and inspired perspectives.

    ”It’s a win for everyone, especially audiences. However, that doesn’t happen nearly enough and we’re hoping that the launch of CGEM can help forge that path.”

    In 2018, the top 100 grossing films saw “little change” for women and people of colour leading the screen, according to research by USC’S Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. 

    The study found: “Hollywood has yet to move from talking about inclusion to meaningfully increasing on-screen representation for women, people of colour, the LGBT community or individuals with disabilities.”

    Time’s Up Entertainment director of initiatives Mara Grobins Nasatir pointed to the USC research, the US population is over 50% female, only 22% of the reviews of the nation’s top 100 movies of 2017 on Rotten Tomatoes were written by women. 

    She said: “Early critical response to a movie determines important factors such as marketing budget and distribution.

    “Without greater diversity among the critical voices responding to content, not all movies, directors, writers and creators are given the same opportunities to succeed.”

    Online Association of Female Film Critics president Louisa Moore added: “Too often, women’s voices in film criticism are minimised, dismissed, or altogether ignored.

    “As an organisation designed to promote diverse viewpoints in media commentary, the OAFFC is proud to be a member of CGEM.

    ”This alliance is a reminder that the landscape of modern film criticism is changing.”

  • Facebook head of communications Nick Clegg has dismissed allegations that the social media network was used to help influence the Brexit referendum result.

    Facebook logo on phone PixieMe Shutterstock

    Facebook confirms “no evidence” on Brexit influence 

    Source: PixieMe Shutterstock

    Facebook head of communications Nick Clegg has dismissed allegations that the social media network was used to help influence the Brexit referendum result. 

    The social media giant has come under scrutiny by Brexit opponents questioning what role Russian forces played in the Brexit vote through the promotion of stories online using Facebook to push issues including immigration to sway opinion.

    Speaking during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Clegg argued that Facebook and other technology firms required greater regulation.

    He said there was a “pressing need” for new rules and regulation, notably on privacy, election rules and on the use of people’s data as well as what constitutes hate speech.

    He said: “Facebook has a heavy responsibility to protect the integrity of elections from outside interference.

    “I also think we have a duty to explain fact from some of the allegations that have been made.”

    Clegg explained how he can understand why the British public wanted to hold Facebook responsible, particularly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, however, he added the roots of British Euroscepticism existed long before Facebook launched, according to a report by Reuters.

    He said: “I understand why people want to sort of reduce that eruption in British politics to some kind of plot or conspiracy - or some use of new social media through opaque means.”

    Clegg was UK deputy prime minister from 2010 to 2015 and a strong campaigner to remain in the European Union.

    He said any claim that that data was used in the Brexit referendum was also false and argued attitudes had been influenced far more by “traditional media” over the last 40 years than by new media.

    The BBC reported, that when as asked whether Facebook should not be fixing some of these issues itself, Clegg said it was not something big technology companies “can or should” do on their own.

    He added: “It’s not for private companies, however big or small, to come up with those rules. It is for democratic politicians in the democratic world to do so.”

    But stressed companies like Facebook should play a “mature role” in advocating regulation.

    Read more Zuckerberg concedes Facebook regulation 

  • Netflix chief content office Ted Sarandos is confident audiences will pay for multiple streaming services and dispelled rumours of data harvesting and sports rights investment.

    watching screen netflix credit pixinoo shutterstock

    Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos: ”Still pretty cheap”

    Source: Pixinoo Shutterstock

    Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos is confident audiences will pay for multiple streaming services and dispelled rumours of data harvesting and investing in sports media rights.

    Sarandos told delegates during SeriesFest in Denver, Colorado, the strategy the streaming giant has employed to build its comprehensive content library won’t change despite the influx of new competition.

    He said: “Picking content and working with the creative community is a very human function.

    “The data doesn’t help you on anything in that process but it does help you size the investment. Sometimes we’re wrong on both ends of that, even with this great data. I really think it’s 70-80% art and 20-30% science.”

    Addressing the formidable competition set to rival Netflix, Sarandos is confident this business model will give Netflix an edge against its competitors, according to a report by Deadline.

    He added: “The thing that’s interesting about all these upcoming services, as well as the services that are in the market today, is that mostly they have none of the same programming.

    “Nothing that’s on Disney+ is going to be on Netflix and nothing that’s on Netflix is going to be on the [Comcast and WarnerMedia services]. They’re going to be very unique.”

    During the interview, which was carried out by Liberty Global chief executive Mike Fries, Sarandos dispelled rumours that the streaming giant would pursue the rights to broadcast live sporting events and offered reassurances that the firm has no plans to venture beyond its current business model.

    The arrival of Apple TV Plus and Disney+ raises the question on Netflix’s pricing model, however, despite its gradual monthly price increase, Sarandos said Netflix is “still pretty cheap,” he added: “I honestly think about it not in terms of price but in terms of value.

    “If people are getting the value for the dollar, they should track each other really closely.”

    Netflix has been building its content empire and pushing into more original programming with its weighty investment in content that topped $12 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $15 billion this year, according to Wall Street analysts.

    Last month IBC365 reported the forecast that Disney+ would take on Netflix and Amazon as it is expected to add 19.2 million subscribers in Western Europe by 2024, according to Digital TV Research.

    The forthcoming streaming service is expected to hit the market on 12 November and will significantly enhance the OTT market, however, analysts do not expect Disney to surpass the popularity and subscriber base of Netflix by 2024.



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