Welcome to the AI Programme at IBC2024, a cutting-edge journey through the latest developments in artificial intelligence, focusing on pivotal areas such as Deep Learning, Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

This year marks a significant expansion for our programme, spreading across dedicated zones to reflect the growing interest and investment in AI's revolutionary impact on technology and media. We're assembling a network of experts and pioneers to explore the vast potential of AI technologies.

Our programme is designed to offer a deep exploration of artificial intelligence, shining a light on its crucial role in driving innovation and crafting the future of digital landscapes.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the discussions and innovations at IBC2024 that are setting new standards in the exciting field of AI. 

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AI Tech Zone, Hall 14

Step into the cutting edge of innovation at the new AI Tech Zone, powered by the EBU, where the brightest minds and the most advanced technologies will come together at IBC2024.

Positioned prominently in Hall 14, this dedicated area will be bustling with industry leaders and visionaries eager to explore how AI is transforming media and entertainment.

Visit the AI Tech zone and experience a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge exhibits from companies including Wasabi Technologies, AudioShake, Vionlabs and Zaibr. This is your chance to explore, learn, and connect with the leaders at the forefront of AI innovation.

Running from Friday, 13th September to Sunday, 15th September, there will also be insightful panel and conference sessions in the AI Tech Zone, which showcase the transformative power of AI across the industry.

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2024 AI Accelerator Projects

AI Media Production Lab

In an IBC Accelerators first, the 2024 Programme will feature three very special challenges under an umbrella theme of ‘AI Media Production Lab’, featuring an all-star cast of Champions and Participants set out to explore a series of specific AI concepts in various production scenarios within this exciting, fast-moving and disruptive area of media and technology:

  • Generative AI in Action
  • AI Audience Validation Assistant (AAVA)
  • Changing the Game: Predictive Generative AI 

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Evolution of the Control Room

The 'Evolution of the Control Room - Leveraging XR, Voice, AI & HTML-Based Graphics Solutions' Challenge combines two original Accelerator 2024 proposals into a transformative, overarching project exploring the evolution of live production workflows – with two key streams of development – the Evolution of the Control Room, leveraging XR, Voice, AI and HTML Based Graphic Solutions.  

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IBC2024 AI Content Highlights

Key discussions will revolve around the integration of AI in content creation, the ethical implications of generative AI, the evolution of machine learning models, and the power of predictive analytics in forecasting trends. These core topics will not only thread through our comprehensive and impactful presentations but will also be the centre of targeted panels that aim to explore their specific impacts and applications in the realm of AI, laying a solid foundation for understanding.

Conference AI Programme includes:

  • How is AI reshaping the business of broadcast?
  • What does human–machine collaboration mean for the future of content and creativity?
  • How can we build a future-ready tech stack to support new business and operating models?

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IBC2024 AI Sub-Topics

Welcome to the forefront of innovation at the International Broadcasting Convention 2024, where we're shaping the future of broadcasting. This year, our AI Programme zeroes in on the crucial and transformative sub-topics driving the global media revolution. Delve into breakthrough developments and essential insights in four key areas: Deep Learning, Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

Machine Learning

Dive into the impact of Machine Learning on the media industry, streamlining content delivery and personalization. This segment illuminates how Machine Learning optimizes content strategies and distribution, improving efficiency and viewer engagement without the traditional constraints of broadcasting.

Predictive Analytics

Explore the revolutionary impact of Predictive Analytics in broadcasting, enhancing decision-making and audience connections. This segment will highlight how Predictive Analytics forecasts viewer preferences and trends, driving content customization, strategic planning, and operational improvements, showcasing its pivotal role in transforming the industry.

Deep Learning

Discover the transformative power of AI in broadcasting, streamlining operations and enriching audience engagement. In the Deep Learning segment, we'll examine AI's influence on customizing content, innovative content generation, and elevating operational efficiencies, illustrating its revolutionary effect on the sector.

Generative AI

Uncover the cutting-edge developments in advertising technology through the lens of Generative AI. This segment delves into how Generative AI is redefining targeted advertising, real-time bidding, and analytics, demonstrating its pivotal role in bridging advertisers with audiences more precisely. Explore how it amplifies engagement and drives revenue growth in the digital realm.

IBC2024 Core Content Topics

Welcome to the heart of innovation at the International Broadcasting Convention 2024, where the future of broadcasting unfolds. This year, our Content Programme dives deep into the most pivotal and transformative topics shaping the global media and entertainment landscape. Explore the cutting-edge advancements and critical insights across six primary areas:

Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI is revolutionising broadcasting, from automating tasks to enhancing viewer experiences. This segment will cover AI's role in content personalisation, creation, and efficiency improvements, showcasing its transformative impact on the industry.

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OTT & Streaming

OTT and streaming services have transformed media consumption, offering content anywhere, anytime. This section highlights trends, challenges, and strategies for success in content licensing, distribution, and delivering seamless streaming experiences.

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Cloud technology is crucial for broadcasters seeking flexibility and innovation. We'll discuss how it supports secure content storage, on-demand resource access, and seamless collaboration, transforming content distribution and remote production processes.

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Connected Technology

Uncover how interconnected technologies like IoT, 5G, and smart devices are creating a unified media ecosystem. This topic explores the potential for new content consumption forms and interactive audience experiences, redefining traditional broadcasting.

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Discover the latest in advertising technology, focusing on targeted advertising, real-time bidding, and analytics. Learn how Adtech connects advertisers with audiences more effectively, enhancing engagement and revenue in the digital landscape.

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Immersive Technology 

Immersive tech, including VR, AR, and MR, is opening new storytelling dimensions and engaging viewers like never before. Discover how these technologies offer compelling, immersive content experiences, from live events to narrative storytelling.

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IBC2023 AI Highlights

Get ready for IBC2024 by exploring highlights from 2023, including engaging presentations such as "How to Approach AI for a Competitive Edge" and "Generative AI in Media." These sessions previewed the future of AI, from strategic advantages to ethical practices and its impact on entertainment, through insightful and engaging presentations. Anticipate deeper dives into these critical AI themes in 2024, promising a rich exploration of AI's potential through equally engaging presentations.

How to approach AI and gain a competitive edge:


Generative AI in media and entertainment: