Join the Innovation Revolution with IBC’s 2024 Accelerator Programme

Submissions for challenges for the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme 2024 are now closed.

Join us on 6 March at IET London for our Kickstart Day event. Registration opening soon.

The IBC Accelerator Kickstart Day is an opportunity to get involved and learn more about the programme – a framework to support fast-track collaboration and innovation, identifying, addressing and solving business and technology challenges in a matter of months.

Of the 12 pitches selected from all the submissions, only 8 will be chosen on Kickstart Day to go forward as Accelerator projects (this could mean some ideas may merge with others (where there are direct synergies). The teams then begin work on their solution and PoC that will be demonstrated on the Accelerator Zone and showcased on the Innovation stage at IBC2024 in September.

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Accelerator Media Innovation Programme 2023

More than 160 organisations have participated in the Accelerator programme since 2019, as Champions and Participants in some 27 projects – household media brands together with large, medium and small technology organisations and academic institutions.

Champions of projects have included Aardman Entertainment, Al Jazeera, BBC, BT Sport, DAZN, Fox Sports, ITV, NBC Universal, the English Premier League, Pixar, Production Park, Thomson Reuters, RTÉ, Sky, Universal Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, and many, many more. 

Projects have addressed challenges in areas such as 5G, AI, CG Animation, Live Cloud Production, Immersive audio & sound, Next Gen News Studio, Cloud Localization, Sustainability, Volumetric video and VFX workflows, IP transition and many others...

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IBC2023 Accelerator Champions:

IBC2023 Accelerator Participants:

  • “The programme’s collaborative nature and defined timeframe help fast-track the R&D process and as a result, it’s possible to partner with dynamic companies and deliver a robust proof-of-concept in just a few months.”
    Sandy MacIntyre
    Former VP, Associated Press
  • “The Accelerator Programme brings together multitudes of companies – all coming together to solve common problems - and that only happens in one or two places in the world every year."
    Simon Crownshaw
    Worldwide Director, Media & Entertainment, Microsoft
  • “The IBC Accelerator Programme is unique, bringing together some really great minds, who are looking to solve common problems collaboratively without the competitive element getting in the way.”
    Morwen Williams
    Head of Operations, BBC News
  • “The IBC Accelerator programme is a really good opportunity to get involved with other broadcasters to share the development load, and move things forward together.”
    Jonathan Hale
    Contribution Project Engineer, Warner Bros. Discovery