2024 Accelerator Media Innovation Programme

Join the Innovation Revolution with IBC’s 2024 Accelerator Programme

2024 Accelerator Media Innovation Programme Challenges are Announced.

IBC2024 has unveiled eight new projects selected for the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme, through which a mix of world-leading and new industry players from across the global media, entertainment and technology communities collaborate to explore potential solutions to critical challenges the industry faces today.

This year’s Accelerator Programme will also include a “Special Incubator Project” that builds on innovative live production technologies established by projects in previous years. Final Proof of Concepts (POCs) will be demonstrated at the dedicated Accelerator Zone and also presented live on the Innovation Stage at IBC2024, at the RAI Amsterdam from 13th-16th September.

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2024 Accelerator Media Innovation Projects 

AI Media Production ... 

An IBC Accelerators first, the 2024 Programme will feature very special Challenge under an umbrella theme of ‘AI Media Production Lab’, which will set out to explore a series of specific AI concepts in various guises of production.

2024 Special Incubator Project

Connect and Produce Anywhere - Phase II 

Following the build and development of an all IP, Edge-first, multi-cloud, multi software test bed environment in the CAPA Accelerator 2023, the project team is now positioned to implement and road test the solution on some real-world live event production scenarios where there are varying degrees of available bandwidth.


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Accelerator Media Innovation Programme 2023

More than 160 organisations have participated in the Accelerator programme since 2019, as Champions and Participants in some 27 projects – household media brands together with large, medium and small technology organisations and academic institutions.

Champions of projects have included Aardman Entertainment, Al Jazeera, BBC, BT Sport, DAZN, Fox Sports, ITV, NBC Universal, the English Premier League, Pixar, Production Park, Thomson Reuters, RTÉ, Sky, Universal Pictures, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, and many, many more. 

Projects have addressed challenges in areas such as 5G, AI, CG Animation, Live Cloud Production, Immersive audio & sound, Next Gen News Studio, Cloud Localization, Sustainability, Volumetric video and VFX workflows, IP transition and many others...

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IBC2023 Accelerator Champions:

IBC2023 Accelerator Participants:

  • "It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded people working in some of the biggest tech companies, other broadcasters, universities and researchers to bring us all together into one collaborative approach to solving the problems we’re all facing.”
    Grace Dinan
    Senior Virtual Production Braodcast Specialist, TUS Horizon Europe – TRANSMIXR Project
  • “The IBC Accelerator programme is breaking boundaries. This is my first time here and I have already spoken to a lot of international media companies, which I wouldn’t have easily met if I wasn’t here. It’s a great space for co-creation.”
    Gianni Lieuw-A-Soe
    Managing Director, Vereniging Omroep ZWART
  • “The challenge of real-world networking in recent times makes IBC Accelerators even more important for the industry. It provides a unique space to engage and collaborate with established peers and exciting new companies. Building these relationships is crucial for the BBC to remain relevant.”
    Purminder Gandhu
    Tech Transfer Manager, BBC
  • “The Accelerator program offers an amazing opportunity to collaborate with incredible people across the industry; I had the opportunity to build relationships with senior people. It's a truly collaborative environment, where we can innovate, tackle business problems, and succeed together.”
    John Ellerton
    Head of Futures, BT Media & Broadcast
  • “Collaborating with new contacts, diverse vendors, even former industry rivals – we tackled joint challenges head-on. We built a great foundation, and this year's pitch promises an exciting six-month sprint.”
    John Roberts
    Director of Technology, Production & Innovation, ITN
  • “The Accelerators program brings people together; it allows us to make a commitment to a focal point and address some clear deliverables around that. For me, IBC helps to bring all participants around the table.”
    Kristan Bullett
    CEO, Humans Not Robots
  • “The Accelerator Media Innovation Programme really sets the scene for IBC and gets the excitement going in the lead up to the show.”
    Andy Hook
    Director of Technology Strategy and Statregy, d&b
  • “The true value lies in bringing together those facing challenges with those who can solve them, all in an open and collaborative environment. The Accelerators are a powerful driver of this collaboration, which ultimately showcases the capabilities of our industry as a whole.”
    Tim Davis
    Enterprise Architect, ITV
  • "The Accelerators program is fantastic because it fosters collaboration among public broadcasters. Sharing common goals and challenges, we realise we're not alone.”
    Ryan McKenna
    Executive Product Manager, BBC
  • "The rise of disinformation - fake news and deepfakes - is a real worry. How can we be sure what's real anymore? At IBC, The Accelerators share different techniques and perspectives and that’s key, it’s what we are interested in.”
    Judy Parnall
    Head of Standard & Industry, BBC
  • “It’s such an amazing group of people; everybody is interested in the future of media and technology. To bring together the collaboration and ideas is just an incredible place to be and really important with where we are right now in our industry."
    ErinRose Widner
    Global Head, Business Strategy – M&E and Tech, Verizon Business Group
  • “We love the energy, creativity, collaboration and the ideas that came out from the Accelerator’s programme.”
    Roberto Iacoviello
    Lead Research Engineer, RAI
  • “The rise of misinformation and deepfakes threatens media, democracy, and trust in information. What’s special about the Accelerators programme is its holistic approach in bringing together the different parts of the chain to help tackle this problem.”
    Claudia Milne
    SVP, Standards & Practices, CBS News