2024 Accelerator Special Incubator Project

Connect and Produce Anywhere - Phase II 


Project Challenge Proposed by: BBC, BT Media & Broadcast 

Champions: BBC, BT Media & Broadcast, Channel 4, EBU, Vodafone Group and others TBC 

Participants – AMD, Google, Techex, VizRT, LAMA, Zixi, Singular.live, Tinkerlist, LAMA, id3as

Led by Champions BBC, BT Media & Broadcast, Sky Sports, Channel 4, TV2 Denmark, and Vodafone Group with others to be confirmed. This special Incubator project follows the build and development of an all-IP, edge-first, multi-cloud, multi-software test bed environment that was created in the 2023 Accelerator Programme.

The project will look to push further innovation through experimentation in the following areas: environmental monitoring and measurement; orchestration; deployment (including containerisation) observability; other transport elements and business case and licence options. Watch out for some exciting early-stage demonstrations and implementations – each progressively applying new levels of production sophistication according to the availability of bandwidth in a variety of live scenarios.