2024 Accelerator Project

Connecting Live Performances of the Future with ULL-AVLM (Ultra-Low Latency Audio, video, light and media data)


Project Challenge Proposed by: D&B Solutions & Strathclyde University  

Supported by Champions: University of Strathclyde, TV2, Kings College London, EBU, Institute of Cultural & Creative Industries / University of Kent, Music Venues Trust 

Participants: AMD, Cisco, MetaRex, D&B Solutions, Cleanfeed, Open Broadcast Systems, Singular.live, Spectral Compute Ltd., Nokia

In a world where live performances include dynamic visual canvases powered by real-time engines, spatial/object based audio, and complex lighting and tracking data, this project aims to develop a solution for delivering all data between venues - in sync and with 5G to unlock ultra-low latencies and enable synchronised and/or distributed performances between multiple locations connected by public internet. 

This Accelerator Challenge will also aim to recreate the experience of a live performance in multiple locations or bring together remote performers into a seamless and immersive live experience. The potential role of private 5G networks will also be explored in that solution for capturing and distributing data. There are also close connections to world leading music & theatre venues, rights owners and well as world leading artists that the team will leverage throughout the cycle.