2024 Accelerator Project

Design Your Weapons in the Fight Against Disinformation 


Project Challenge Proposed by: BBC, CBS News, Paramount   

Supported by Champions: BBC, Paramount Global, CBS News, ITN, Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Channel 4, Transmixr, YLE, EBU, Media City Bergen, ETC, TV2 and other world leading broadcasters and news agencies (TBC) 

Participants: Hand Identity 

A project proposed by Champions BBC and Paramount Global/ CBS News. The goals of this Accelerator Challenge are to develop an industry -wide understanding on the challenges faced today by all media outlets in identifying disinformation, helping audiences identify trustworthy news, information and images and the lengths that news organisations go to, to verify and authenticate sources and trace the provenance of news stories.  

This Challenge aims to build support around how media companies can work together to address the issues and the question of communicating this work to new audiences.  Through the resources of the BBC, CBS/Paramount and an all-star cast of Co-Champions, the team will look to establish an initial premise on the most effective interventions and how news organisations can collaborate on making them work and understood along with some best practice guidelines on ways working together. The project will complement the work of key industry initiatives of late – such as C2PA and Project Origin – to explore real world, practical efforts to benchmark truly global collaborative efforts and the value of sharing insights around best practice.