2024 Accelerator Project

Scalable Ultra-Low Latency Streaming for Premium Sports 


Project Challenge Proposed by: Comcast 

Supported by Champions: Comcast, Associated Press, BT Media & Broadcast and others (TBC) 

Participants: AMD, Castlabs and others (TBC) 

Proposed by Champion Comcast, this project seeks to achieve Twitter-equivalent latency and near-instant playback start using standard HTTP streaming technical stack and infrastructure. The areas explored will be the use of low-latency encoding and segment-based ingest, the latest low-delay extensions to MPEG DASH, and possible uses of MV-HEVC video codec and the QUIC protocol.  

The goal of the POC is to explore an end-to-end system comprising an encoder, a latency-optimized origin, and a mix of open source and proprietary DASH players. In addition, the innovation would be the achievement of Sub-2s glass-to-glass delay with standard adaptive streaming, which will allow premium sports experiences.