2024 Accelerator Project

IP networks: Finding the needle in the haystack 


Project Challenge Proposed by: Atos (Eviden), BBC 

Supported by Champions: BBC, EBU, IMG, Solent University

Participants: Atos (Eviden), dB Broadcast

A project proposed by Eviden and supported by Champions BBC, EBU, IMG, and Solent University. This project looks to address challenges around IP infrastructure within broadcast facilities created by the orchestration of media flows – namely, how to find the correct device, sender or receiver when there might be thousands in a facility.  

The team will gather data from across the industry to establish current obstacles and utilise it to test and implement solutions incorporating IS 13 and dynamic routing for orchestrated infrastructure will then take place. A collaborative group will include key broadcasters and industry standards movements such as Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), who will work together towards an accelerated approach to this industry challenge.