2024 Accelerator Project

Digital Replicas and Talent ID: Provenance, Verification and New Automated Workflows 


Project Challenge Proposed by: HAND Human & Digital 

Supported by Champions: Paramount Global, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Participants: HAND Human & Digital, EZDRM, EIDR, Wild Capture, FBRC.aii, Metarex, Mimic Productions, Nash Info Services

This Challenge addresses the evolving disruption within the Media & Entertainment industry in the authentication and management of talent in today's digital landscape. Specifically, it addresses issues tied to AI-generated content, virtual world representation, and talent provenance. By offering a distinct and standardized identification framework, this project aims to streamline the authentication process, ensuring reliable verification of real individuals, virtual avatars, and fictional entities. This exploration responds to the urgent need from the media and entertainment industry for an agile solution to automate provenance, thus verifying the authenticity of digital personas and protecting against unauthorized virtual representations. 

The POC will also aim to showcase how to minimize legal complexities and enhances transparency in talent utilization through streamlined collaboration and licensing across industry stakeholders, simplifying licensing agreements based on verified identities. In addition, it will aim to show how producers and distributors can easily identify and track the usage of talent across different platforms and formats, such as streaming services, podcasts, video games, and ensure that the rights and permissions of the talent are respected and enforced, preventing unauthorized or unethical uses of their digital likeness.