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Have you had a light bulb moment?

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Register your interest for IBC2020

Reach a senior audience of 56,000+

Reach a senior audience of 56,000+


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Congratulations to all our winners

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  • Streaming video platform Hulu has begun to test run commercials targeted at viewers who binge-watching series, inserting ad breaks into the service.


    Making money: Hulu trials ad insertion for binge viewers

    Streaming video platform Hulu has begun to test run commercials targeted at viewers who binge-watching series, inserting ad breaks into the service.

    The company defines a binge subscriber as someone who watched three or more episodes of the same series consecutively.

    Hulu’s trial sees the company inserting a specific ad in the last commercial break of each of the first two episodes offering commentary on the binge session beginning.

    According to a report by Variety before the third episode plays the advertiser will offer a reward, such as making that next episode commercial-free, or a promotion.

    Hulu vice president and head of advertising platforms Jeremy Helfand said: “We are not stopping you from doing what you want to be doing.

    “You understand the brand is helping to bring you the content.”

    The new format represents the latest attempt to commercialise a streaming service in a user-friendly way and engage with advertisers.

    The streamer has teamed up with Publicis Media, a large ad-buying firm, in an exclusive six-month pact to test the binge-watching promotions.

    Hulu has already unveiled a new ad format that surfaces whenever a viewer chooses to pause their watching. Helfand said that finding a way to weave commercial messages into binge sessions is of growing importance.

    Hulu claimed that nearly 50% of the ad-supported hours streamed on its service are watched in binge sessions, citing research from Deloitte, it said 75% of US consumers say they binge their favourite programs.

    However, viewers are accustomed to skipping multiple-episode on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime without having to skip or watch advertisements.

    Variety pointed to the “growing sense that streaming-video outlets can’t go ad-free forever,” however Hulu has been the exception, offering an ad-supported tier as well as CBS All Access.

    Netflix and Amazon have both found ways to integrate marketers into their offerings: Amazon sells interactive banner ads on its Amazon Fire interface and Netflix recently partnered with Coca-Cola to help draw attention to its popular series Stranger Things.

    Media and advertising consultancy agency Vertere Group chief executive Tim Hanlon told Variety: “There is probably a hybrid model coming that balances subscriptions and ad support.”

    In May, Disney assumed full operational control of Hulu after The Walt Disney Company and Comcast entered a “put/call” agreement on NBC Universal’s 33% ownership stake in Hulu with Disney guaranteeing the streaming service future valuation at $27.5 billion.

  • IBC calls for submissions for Accelerator Media Innovation programme Accelerators fast-track collaboration and innovation in media tech Innovation will be key theme across 2020 conference, with Technical Paper entries to open in 2020

    A key focus of IBC2020 will be innovation from the industry, with a number of initiatives aimed at showcasing cutting-edge research and ground-breaking projects.

    IBC2019 general venue photo

    IBC2019 in action

    IBC is calling on developers, engineers, product managers or project leaders from media or technology businesses to feature their innovations on the industry’s biggest stage.

    The IBC Show will feature its Accelerator Media Innovation programme, which is an evolution of the 2019 Media-Telecoms Catalysts.

    The convergence between the media, technology and telecoms sectors is changing at breath-taking speed. Whether it is through seismic audience shifts from traditional to online platforms across multiple devices and screens, or the transformation to IP for production workflows.

    This change brings a host of disruptive technologies across the media workflow which require faster, more agile approaches to innovation.

    The IBC Accelerators are collaborative and open innovation projects that address complex media industry business and technology challenges.

    The programme offers a place for multicompany teams to unite to develop innovative solutions across a fast-tracked, intensive four to six-month path, with proof of concepts showcased at IBC2020 in Amsterdam from 11-15 September 2020.

    IBC is calling for game changing ‘Champions’ and ‘Participants’ from within the industry to drive the next wave of innovation, with submissions now open.

    Previous projects have included Mobile News Gathering Using AI-Powered Compression, 5G-Enabled Tourism Experience and AI Indexing for Regulatory Practice. Champions have came from across the industry including the likes of Aardman Entertainment, BBC R&D, Al Jazeera, RTE, AP and BT.

    To find out more about the IBC Accelerators programme or to submit your entry, click here

    Technical Papers

    IBC has a longstanding tradition of showcasing some of the most forward-thinking and cutting-edge ideas through its Technical Papers, which are unveiled at the show each year.

    The IBC Technical Papers give technologists and companies the opportunity to unveil their original ideas and research, showcasing new technology concepts, their potential uses and practical applications.

    All submissions are rigorously reviewed by a panel of professional experts, with submissions for the IBC Technical Papers to open in January 2020.

    Read more: IBC Tech Papers - What’s next for VR?

    IBC2020 will also offer innovators the opportunity to speak about their original media technology ideas or ground-breaking products within the IBC Conference programme.

    Companies or technologists can apply to participate in an interactive case study or knowledge-sharing seminar, with the same rigorous selection process applied as the Technical Papers. Submissions for this will also open in January.

    IBC will also celebrate collaboration in technology and creativity through the annual IBC Innovation Awards.

    Winning projects reflect close cooperation between technology users and their supplier partners to deliver a clever, innovative solution to a real business, technical or creative issue.

    Winners of the IBC 2019 Innovation Awards include SailGP, which picked up a gong for Content Creation; the Associated Press, which was recognised for Content Distribution; and ETV Bharat and Aveco, which won for Content Everywhere.

    Read more: IBC2019 Awards winners revealed

    Entries for the 2020 Awards are set to open in March.


  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s recommendations to regulate and address the impact of digital platforms like Facebook and Google has been welcomed by the Government.

    Facebook emojis 16x9 3

    FAANG regulation Downunder: Australian government greenlights ACCC pitch

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s recommendations to regulate and address the impact of digital platforms like Facebook and Google has been welcomed by the Government.

    The competition watchdog made 23 recommendations to reign in the two dominant technology titans to address the impact and market dominance in Australia from the Silicon Valley giants.

    The Australian Government has adopted the key recommendation from the ACCC’s Digital Platform Inquiry with the aim to address the impact of digital platforms on Australian consumers and businesses.

    ACCC chair Rod Sims said: “We are delighted that the Government has recognised the significance of the ACCC’s findings on the impact of the leading digital platforms on competition, consumer, privacy, media and advertising markets.”

    Read more Pressure mounts on digital giants

    Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to develop a comprehensive roadmap for broad reforms relating to digital platforms.

    The ACCC will continue its work in digital platform markets through the establishment of a permanent Digital Platforms Branch, to enable continuous and consistent scrutiny of digital platforms, as well as current and future consumer and competition law enforcement cases.

    In addition, the ACCC will start a new inquiry into the digital advertising tech supply chain, focusing on digital display ads.

    Sims added: “Google and Facebook have grown to have almost unfettered market power with significant impacts on consumers that must be addressed.”

    As part of the Government’ response, it has tasked ACCC to oversee the development of a new code that will address the inherent power imbalance between platforms and media companies across the nation.

    The Government’s announcement also sees it taking steps towards ensuring news media businesses and digital platforms operate on a more equal regulatory footing, and that local journalism is supported.

    Read more Australia recommends FAANG regulation

    ACCC findings and recommendations regarding the use of data and privacy protections also form part of the Government’s plans, which include steps to ensure consumers are adequately informed about how their data is collected and to provide consumers with greater control over how it is used.

    Sims said: “The world is waking up to the very real harms that stem from the power the digital platforms hold in our society and for our economy,” Mr Sims said.

    “The good news is it is not too late to ensure Australian businesses, consumers and society can benefit from the advances offered by digital platforms, while ensuring appropriate safeguards are in place to address the negative impacts.”

  • 9-13 Dec: Your guide to what’s happened this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

    Digital digest index

    Amazon wins UEFA Champions League in Germany
    Amazon has secured the exclusive German rights to a package of Champions League matches, picking up 16 matches a season, giving it the top pick for Tuesday night fixtures, in the group and knockout stages for three seasons from 2021-22.

    According to a report by Forbes, in Germany, the Champions League rights are held by Sky Deutschland, which sub-licenses a package to the sports streaming service DAZN. The auction for the lion’s share of the rights, including the final, which is being offered to bidders separately, is ongoing this week.

    The news follows its Prime Video coverage of the English Premier League matches last week. 

    Comcast to invest $2bn on Peackcock streaming service 
    Comcast is expected to spend an aggregate sum of $2 billion on NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service over the course of 2020 and 2021, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

    The company is set to launch the subscription service in April next year and is projecting it will not be profitable for the first five years, according to CFO Mike Cavanagh.

    Cavanagh said Comcast believes there is a need for additional advertising-supported services as the market becomes saturated with more subscription-based streaming services on top of traditional pay-TV. It is planning that will Peacock rely heavily on advertising than on subscriptions.

    Netflix to invest $400M in Indian content
    Speaking at the HT Leadership Summit in capital New Delhi, Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings said the streaming giant has big plans for India and will spend $400 million on Indian content for 2019 and 2020, covering both originals and licensed content.

    The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Hastings said some of the Indian content on the platform is finding wider acceptance beyond India, among its global audience of nearly 160 million subscribers as of the end of September. He cited the Indian animated children’s show Mighty Little Bheem, which he said has been viewed by 27 million households outside of India.

    Apple, Amazon, Disney and Viacom are all investing in India, Hastings added: “The next five to 10 years will be the golden age of television. You are seeing unbelievable and unrivalled levels of investment.”

    Digital studio startup Watcher Entertainment launched by ex-BuzzFeed execs 
    The creators and hosts of three of BuzzFeed’s biggest shows — Steven Lim, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej — have formed their own digital-video venture.

    The trio have launched Watcher Entertainment which Variety reported as ”producing very BuzzFeed-y original unscripted content”, which they plan to launch in January 2020 initially on YouTube.

    It will debut seven new series and a weekly interactive talk show next year, spanning food, travel, horror, and other topics.

    “Luckily we have very supportive fanbases who keep an eye on the stuff we do,” said Madej. “Hopefully a lot of them will be excited about this new venture.”

    Netflix’s The Irishman hits 26m streams in the first week
    Martin Scorsese’s mob movie was streamed by more than 26 million accounts worldwide, securing 13.2 million views in its first five days in the US alone according to a report from the ratings agency Nielsen.



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