IBC Conference Highlights

Friday, 13 September 

★ Day 1 Keynote

Navigating a changing media landscape: AI and Everything Else 

In today’s media and entertainment ecosystem disruption has become the new normal. The convergence of immersive technologies, AI, new connectivity, personalized content experiences and what they enable is shaping an era where the industry has the potential not only to capture attention but to shape a new media landscape in a world driven by constant change.  

Speaker: Benedict Evans, Media and Technology Analyst 

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Fireside Chat: Innovating technology for a future fit for purpose   


Grace Boswood, Technology Director, Channel 4 

Where next? Innovating broadcast operating business models  

Audiences and subscribers are on the move. New opportunities in content delivery now enable the disruption of established linear business models in broadcast and PayTV.

Where and how can broadcasters and media players innovate when their audiences are behaving so unpredictably? Strategically and practically where should they focus? 


Dr. Malte Probst, Chief Product Office, Blue Entertainment 

Kerry Ball, Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer, BritBox International 

Vanda Rapti, EVP, Viaplay Select & Content Distribution, Viaplay Group 

Manish Karla, Chief Business Officer, Zee5 

Who owns the customer? Winning the battle for control of the TV experience  


Chem Assayag, Senior VP Home Services Innovation, Orange

Saturday, 14 September 

★ Day 2 Keynote

CTO Perspectives 

From ideas to impact: Blending technology, creativity and business 

The media landscape is changing in dramatic ways. The accelerated decline of linear TV with viewing dropping to its lowest levels ever coupled with streaming TV viewing reached a record high has created a seismic shift.  But even as streaming viewership rises, companies are grappling with the end of streaming media’s profitability free ride triggering an industry-wide shift to focus on profitability but who are the winners and losers, and what are the business models that will drive long term monetization?  

Speaker: Phil Wiser, CTO, Paramount Global 

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Unlocking Potential: How are emerging technologies reshaping the business of broadcast 

Disruptive technology is developing at breakneck speed and to remain competitive and relevant broadcasters must adopt new tools and strategies. Whilst much is made of the transformative power of innovative technologies this panel will uncover the reality of how the broadcast industry can unlock new realms of operational efficiency, content delivery and audience globally. We ask how is the age of AI transforming the broadcast business? 

Speaker: Simon Farnsworth, CTO, ITV 

Fireside chat: How to bring FAST to market – fast

How does a pay-TV operator grab the opportunities offered by free ad-supported streaming TV? In this fireside chat we will hear about the growth in streamed TV through VMO2 set-top boxes. What has been their approach to content curation, user experience and what FAST brings to the Pay TV arena. 

Speaker: David Bouchier, Chief TV & Entertainment Officer, Virgin MediaO2   

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Panel: Setting the pace for FAST in Europe? Monetisation and motivations

For FAST to succeed in Europe, providers must grasp the competitive landscape and understand how to differentiate. Major broadcasters still command viewer loyalty across many European nations. Capturing audiences requires offering quality programming that resonates locally but this demands significant investments in localized content production and marketing. This panel strives to answers the many questions that remain around how effectively be entrants and established players can compete here. 


Kasia Jablonska, Director of Digital and On-Demand for EMEA, BBC Studios 

Laura Florence, SVP Global Channels, Fremantle 

★ Keynote Fireside Chat

At the intersection of AI and creativity: Why the future lies in Human-Machine Collaboration 

Debates over the opportunities and threats posed AI that can produce creative output almost indistinguishable from human efforts are bubbling across the industry.  AI's impact on content creation and creativity is multifaceted. While some fear that AI might replace human creativity, others see it as a powerful tool to enhance and augment human creativity. But who owns AI driven content? No doubt AI opens new possibilities for experimental creativity by enabling creators to explore unconventional ideas, styles, and techniques but how can we ensure a fair and ethical approach? 


Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder and Chief Wizard, Builder.ai  

Andy Hood, VP Emerging Technologies, WPP   

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Olympics 2024: Technology to broadcast beyond expectations

2024 is a pivotal 12 months for the sports broadcast industry, with a forecast global television audience of four billion for the Paris Olympics alone. Our session will showcase and champion the technology that was used, lessons learned, what they mean for the future of sports broadcasting and how businesses can innovate to set themselves apart from the competition and capitalise on the endless opportunities while boosting their bottom line. 

Speaker: Israel Esteban, CTO, Bein Media

Sunday, 15 September 

AI in Action Case Studies 

AI is more than just the next big thing — it's a pivotal force reshaping the media and entertainment landscape. But how does this translate in reality? Our series of case studies provides a deep dive into AI’s real-world applications that are optimising operations and unlocking new business opportunities.  


Huma Lodhi, Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Sky 

Monica Williams, SVP Digital Products, NBC Universal 

Chris Jackson, Global Head of Digital Data and Analytics, Olympic Channel 

Hardeep Dhaliwal, Head of Data Capability, ITV 

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