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2023 Accelerator Submission Form

2023 Accelerator Submission Form



To propose an Accelerator Challenge for 2023, please read and complete this form in full. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at accelerators@ibc.org. Thanks for your interest and good luck!

This document contains:

  • Submission form and questions for your proposed project
  • Team criteria, proposal guidelines, team roles
  • Programme benefits: PR & Marketing opportunities, IBC Accelerator Project of the Year Award
  • Key dates, fees and selection criteria
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Please note the deadline to submit your Challenge is Friday, 16 December 2022. 

All proposals will be reviewed by IBC and if the evaluation of your submission is successful, IBC will invite you to pitch the challenge in person at our Accelerator ‘Kickstart’ Day in early February 2023 in London (details to be announced), where top professional media industry peers attend to assess which project teams to join as a Champion or Participant, as defined below.

The goal of each proposal is to present a business or technology challenge that also identifies potential solutions and highlights areas of innovation to explore for the project’s PoC (proof of concept). All team consortiums collaborate over a short 4–6-month sprint to explore POC solutions that ultimately get showcased live on stage at our IBC Show 2023, September 15th-18th in Amsterdam.

The Kickstart Day event is key in terms of the project lead giving a compelling pitch in order to gain a groundswell of interest and support from those peers attending to be a part of your project team. The success from this interest will enable IBC to help facilitate teams and create six to eight projects that will go forward to become official Challenges for the IBC Accelerators 2023 cycle.