The Challenge: 

We’re starting to see a future where instead of driving big metal hardware up a motorway, we can click a mouse to virtually move a vision mixer to the cloud or edge compute at an event, allowing us to virtually deploy resources anywhere that best fit any given production.

Detaching people from the event location brought us the remote production. In this project, we want to detach software from hardware and deploy a distributed computing architecture between ground and cloud, exploring the benefits & challenges of such an approach.

The Challenge is to… Dynamically move live production media processing stages between cloud and edge computing at an event. Allowing us to deploy software to the best location making the most efficient use of resources in a bandwidth constrained location.

Media Partner:



  • To build a distributed edge & cloud computing system to produce a live sports event ​ 
  • Create the ability to geographically move media processing without the user knowing  ​ 
  • To push interoperability between software providers (Licencing, common approaches, OS)

Kickstart Day Pitch: