The Challenge: 

The aim of this brand-new Accelerator is to present two different use cases based on synthetic humans: the first one is a theatre filled with the melodic tones of Maria Callas, and the second is a photorealistic sign language interpreter, to address important aspects of accessibility in broadcasting. These two distinct use cases will aim to demonstrate how synthetic humans can be used to captivate audiences in visually stunning and emotionally moving and inclusive ways.

Kickstart Day Pitch:



Both Proof of Concept workstreams will explore a variation of production techniques, such as Metahumans workflows and multiple motion capture technology toolkits, so that synthetic humans can accurately and realistically replicate human movements, facial expressions and voice, to create and publish more believable, lifelike characters.  

The final POC results will aim to showcase digital actors to allow for endless storytelling possibilities that can be used to enhance traditional media such as television programs, live on-air presenting and broadcasting.