IBC Changemakers: Stories from people making a difference

A transformative 7-part series hosted by journalist and broadcaster, Nadira Tudor, with trailblazing guests from the media and entertainment sector.  

Hear conversations with some of the media’s most tenacious individuals and their inspiring stories of making change happen.  

From tackling climate anxiety and embedding DEI policies to nurturing relationships and never giving up on what you believe in,  you’ll hear stories of resilience, passion and purpose.

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Changemakers Podcast Speakers

IBC2023 Content Programme

With three core pillars running through the whole content programme at IBC2023 – Transformative Tech, Shifting Business Models and People & Purpose – IBC delivered its most comprehensive and compelling content agenda to date, tackling pivotal industry challenges and supporting M&E’s mission to drive more sustainable and inclusive business practices. Topics such as cloud, AI, 5G, VR/AR/XR, metaverse, gaming and edge computing were front and centre.

An increased line-up of 325+ speakers across an expanded number of theatre halls took to the stage to champion new technologies, future business models, and creative innovations that broaden the horizons of media and entertainment. View More Here

All IBC2023 content is available to watch on demand on IBC365.

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