The Challenge

The success of future streaming services will depend on how effectively video content is tailored to individual preferences and needs. The key to improving engagement will be to align media metadata with personal data dynamically to create highly customised viewing experiences. This has only been achieved in a limited way to date. 

To fully realise the potential for customisation, broadcasters will require richer datasets, more efficient ways of generating and transporting metadata, and to adopt a modular approach to content production and delivery. 

Kickstart Day Pitch:



Enable broadcasters to have granular control of individual viewing experiences. With content dynamically adapted for and by the consumer using metadata to allow the following:

Enhanced monetisation 

By better-aligning viewing experiences for consumers and advertisers and allowing customised delivery of elements such as advertising or product placement.

Improved inclusivity 

Dynamically create EDLs from temporal metadata and IMF packages to ensure age-appropriate, inclusive, and accessible content.

Reduced operation and storage costs

Through streamlining of metadata workflows and reducing content duplication using modular, IMF-driven content delivery. Not only in the production workflow but in the streaming workflow as well. 

Greater control

Easily create multi-outcome/narrative content for live events to reflect developing stories. Giving options to deliver pre-prepared modules rather than requiring live mixing. Seamlessly automate re-versioning of content for regions/compliance/demographics/interest groups/localised content.

More engagement and improved retention

By providing a tailored experience, personalised videos increase user engagement, customer satisfaction and retention, leading to increased revenue and profitability.