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Exhibitor Events

Barnfind Technologies AS

Event: Happy hour on Sunday, 15th September at 17:00.

There will be a competition, where you can win a pair of BarnColor and other products from our products series. Snacks and drinks will be offered.

Please note that all who attend the competitions must show up at our booth on Sunday at 17:00.

Exhibitor Products


Product: Goose OTT platform has announced the rollout of its groundbreaking Freemium plan, marking a significant step towards making live TV streaming accessible to all. With this launch, Goose aims to redefine the industry landscape by offering essential features at no cost, empowering businesses of all sizes.

Goose Freemium plan offers unparalleled value, providing users with a 100% free option that includes essential features to kickstart their streaming service journey. Designed to facilitate a seamless operation and launch, this plan caters to both newcomers and established players, fostering an inclusive environment for growth and success.

Key features of Goose Freemium plan includes: No Expiration 50 channels availability Access to limited features Catchup TV of 10% Live Channels 1 TB VOD storage Compatibility with Android STB/Phone Member site availability Goose DRM 1 device connection at a time 3-day free period for subscription Goose created its freemium plan with a focus on enhancing the competitiveness of small businesses and content generators.

By eliminating financial barriers, Goose empowers users to bring their apps to market swiftly and efficiently.


Product: Mnemonica will be launching the first cloud-based masters hot archiving service designed for preservation and continuous availability, dedicated to all kinds of rights owners and industry stakeholders – production companies, distributors, broadcasters, post labs, film archives, cinematheques, cultural institutions – to keep precious works always present for business and cultural outreach opportunities.


Product: On day 1 of IBC, Setplex will be officially launching our brand new AI ad-detection module as part of our Setrix transcoder. On-stand demos and discussions with our senior team will be available throughout the show, but particularly on day 1. In the evolving landscape of digital broadcasting, the necessity for advanced ad management solutions has become paramount. Traditional broadcasters face the challenge of delivering relevant advertising content to diverse audiences. The absence of SCTE-35 markers, which facilitate targeted ad insertion and are vital for OTT and AVOD, has historically been a significant barrier. This technological gap often leads to a mismatch between the advertising content and the viewer's interests and demographics, resulting in lower viewer engagement and reduced advertising effectiveness. Recognizing these critical pain points, Setplex is pioneering a transformative end-to-end approach to advertisement delivery in live streams and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

By harnessing sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms, Setplex's new AI ad-detection feature enhances viewer engagement by detecting standard commercial breaks with high precision and seamlessly replacing them with targeted, programmatically served advertisements, without reliance on conventional markers, such as traditional cue tones or SCTE-35 markers. This groundbreaking innovation not only enhances ad relevance and viewer engagement, but also maximizes ad revenue through smarter, data-driven decisions. AI Capabilities: Real-Time Detection: - Frame-by-Frame Analysis: The AI analyzes video streams in real time, detecting commercial content quickly and accurately. - Deep Neural Networks: Utilized for visual content analysis, these networks excel at recognizing patterns and features within video frames. - Deep Learning Algorithms: Handle sequential data, making them ideal for understanding the temporal aspects of advertisements. Accurate Recognition: - Diverse Ad Styles: Trained on vast datasets, the AI recognizes a wide range of advertisement styles and patterns across different video types and genres. - Our ad detection system was trained on a dataset of 60,000 videos using deep neural networks, and an additional 15,000 videos for deep learning, showcasing our rigorous training process. - Contextual Understanding: Combines visual and temporal data to understand the context and ensure precise ad detection. Adaptive Learning: - Continuous Improvement: The AI system continuously learns from new data, adapting to new advertising trends and maintaining high detection accuracy. - Feedback Loop: Utilizes a feedback mechanism where detected ad performance is reviewed, and the AI model is fine-tuned accordingly.

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