15-18 SEPTEMBER 2023

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5G Remote Production … in the middle of nowhere

5G Remote Production … in the middle of nowhere

Taking broadcast production & contribution to remote locations, enabled by a private 5G network

Champions: BBC, BT Sport, BT Media & Broadcast, RTÈ, TV2, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery, University of Strathclyde, Scotland 5G Centre, Neutral Wireless

Participants: AMD, Microsoft, Net Insight, Zixi, HAIVISION, Singular.Live, Nulink, AWS, Vislink

Following on from work in the Accelerator programme over the last two years, this breakthrough project aimed to demonstrate just how portable and flexible a private 5G ‘Network in a Box’ can be for live broadcast production use cases, taking it to some truly remote global locations, as well as to the IBC show itself.  

CLICK HERE for a selection of this project’s POC Results. The team presented their final projects at IBC2022's Showcase Sessions, which will be available soon as VOD on IBC365!

The Challenge Objective:

The Challenge Objective:

At a high level, the key project stages toward IBC included:

  •  Architecture & workflow development, local testing of equipment – edge compute, spectrum requirements, NPN radios
  • 5G-NPN UE (camera/device) selection and integration
  • Early Semi-remote trial on LEO system (for backhaul) in remote location
  • Sourcing suitable remote location and event, and devising demo and content
  • Tracking spectrum licensing processes/issues in various demo locations.
  • Developing live use case for project PoC  IBC show in September


The Aim of the POC:

The Aim of the POC:

To showcase the benefits, advantages and flexibility of an Accelerator developed private 5G network ( 'Network in a Box') for true untethered broadcast production in real world, geographically remote use cases.

The Innovation:

The Innovation:

The project aimed to demonstrate just how portable the “Network in a Box' is for live event (very) remote production.

Innovation included:

  • Demonstration that the private network is country/camera/protocol agnostic.
  • Demonstrating that these 5G-NPN can be used now to support and enable production, from almost anywhere, using Low Earth Orbit Satellite for backhaul
  • Potential edge computing to managed video streams.
  • Providing and proposing outputs on how more rapid, ad-hoc or opportunistic use of spectrum might evolve particularly for Broadcast
  • Integration spectrum monitoring support.
  • Multiple camera and remote camera use cases



Production Partners:


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