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The Challenge: 

Trust and authenticity have always been key to the delivery of quality content, but they often depend on effective systems of data verification. Countering this, bad data and the proliferation of errors lead to poor user experience, and the degradation of product quality as bad data is compounded over time. This destruction of value is avoidable, if systems of data governance are in place to monitor data, verify quality and remedy any defect. We propose the creation of such a system, which will give content creators the ability to control, update and verify the metadata, images and usage rights that are an extension of their product. 

The Specification comprises two corresponding parts: 

  • The definition of a standardized distribution package - including the essential metadata fields that determine a ‘master record’, e.g. Running Time, Country of Origin, Spoken Languages, Synopsis & Description, Cast & Crew, etc. The entire package would be canonically verified by the originating studio, broadcaster or production company....and; 
  • The creation of a system of verification – to certify the data originator, and to authenticate the package itself – that integrates with major 3rd Party Reference catalogs (such as EIDR, IMDb, Xperi and Origin), delivering authenticated data automatically, enabling the verification, updating, management and publishing of certified canonical metadata attributes. 

This would primarily enable studios, production companies and broadcasters to improve the way the canonical metadata and imagery for their marquee content is published and presented to the world. It would also create a top tier ‘reference standard’ of unimpeachable verified data that can be distributed within the included usage rights.

Champions: ITV, Paramount, FOX, IMDb, SMPTE, Xperi

Participants: Flomenco, EIDR, LMT, Fabric

Kickstart Day Pitch:



The Authenticated Data Specification project addresses a critical challenge in the media and entertainment industry. It enables content creators and studios to securely share title and brand-defining metadata, with external consumers, such as metadata aggregators and licensees. Viewers of the data should know that it came from the studio/content creator. 

 Better consumer-facing data means consumers will be better able to discover content and receive suitable recommendations from more complete and better structured data. What is more, in this era of burgeoning AI and ML - it has become clear that only accurate and validated data should be used as ‘training data’, to avoid bogus outputs. 

The ADS establishes a model for collaboration across systems, businesses and partners. The benefits will be felt all across the business landscape - from Post Houses receiving verified data from Studios to Localization vendors delivering verified languages to licensors. Getting accurate curated and verified publishers’ data right at the start will propagate that data across the M&E ecosystem, making it right across the whole industry. 

Further details of the project’s achievements can be found here.

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