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3 - 6 December 2021

Update on Exhibiting at IBC2021

Update on Exhibiting at IBC2021

Q&A sessions with IBC Senior Management Team

As part of IBC’s Covid-19 communications plan with its customers, we will be producing a regular series of Q&A sessions with IBC’s senior management team. The aim of these sessions is to provide you with an update on IBC’s evolving plans for the year ahead and give insight and context for those plans and decisions being taken.



April Q&A session - 1

The first Q&A with Michael Crimp, CEO and Steve Connolly, Director Exhibition addresses the following:

•    The plans for the September 2021 show in Amsterdam 
•    The contingency of December 2021 show dates in Amsterdam
•    The timeframe and decision making process between moving from September to December
•    The plans for Hybrid IBC and what the Digital element of that Hybrid IBC looks like.
•    What IBC is doing to understand and guard against the risks that come with hosting an event this year


May Q&A session - 2

The second  Q&A with Michael Crimp (CEO) and Steve Connolly Director Exhibition addresses the following:

  • Contingency Dates and Decision Making Process & Timeline
  • The attendee journey for IBC 2021 – how will it look and feel from registration to being onsite
  • The plans for a Hybrid IBC and what the Digital element of that Hybrid IBC looks like
  • Consulting with the Industry – IBC Industry Survey



Exhibitors include: