9-12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Content Everywhere Shortlist


Name of Project: The Hundred Avatars

Recipient: Sky Sports

With: Dimension Studios Arcade

Project summary: The Hundred was launched in 2021, designed to bring a new audience to cricket. To help explain the game to this new young audience, Sky Sports created a set of hyper-real digital versions of the top players – men and women – creating gaming-style avatars to showcase the specific batting, bowling and fielding techniques and skills. The result was fun, informative and engaging.


Name of Project: PGA TOUR AR App

Recipient: PGA TOUR

With: Quintar

Project summary: The PGA tour has been experimenting with the idea of augmented reality around tournaments for some years. But it took the inventiveness of a young company, Quintar, to provide the reliable and precise location data to lock graphic representations of the flight of the ball to the real terrain, even as the viewer walks around the course.


Name of Project: 5G Edge-XR

Recipient: BT Sport

With: Condense, Grid Factory, DanceEast, Salsa Sound & Bristol University

Project summary: Sports fans constantly seek new ways to engage with the action, whether that is adding data and graphics to live feeds at the rugby stadium or volumetric capture of a boxing match so viewers can watch from any angle. Using 5G to process and deliver virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications, the system has even been extended to dance.

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