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3 - 6 December 2021

Content Everywhere Shortlist


Name of Project: BT Sport app

Recipient: BT Sport

With: Second Spectrum, Sceenic, Visualise, Tiled Media, Deltatre, Moov, Opta

Project summary: With football and other major sports forced to take place behind closed doors, fans missed the shared experience and camaraderie. BT Sport moved rapidly to develop technologies from Sceenic, winners of the BT Infinity Lab innovation competition. Watch Together allowed fans to watch the game from home while still enjoying the social interactions they were used to, in the stadium or in the pub. Viewers with Apple TV could even use their iPhones as cameras and microphones to be seen and heard by their friends on the big screen. A timeline feature on smart TVs allows fans to create their own replays.



Name of Project: The Niles Rodgers Project

Recipient: In the Room

With: Pollen Studios, Bright White

Project summary: Imagine having your own conversation with one of your heroes. In the Room uses natural language processing and machine learning to create the impression of a one-to-one conversation. Specially filmed Ultra HD footage allows the creation of life-size 3D or holographic encounters, on your mobile or desktop. The first In the Room featured music legend Nile Rogers, in a new form of digital portrait. It builds on technology Forever originally developed to preserve the stories and testimonies of holocaust survivors, enabling a new generation to ask questions and engage directly with them.



Name of Project: UBEAT

Recipient: Mediapro

Project summary: Ubeat is an esports and entertainment multi-platform, providing the best content for the digital native audience. With 474 million people following electronic sports, Ubeat is a Spanish-language OTT web and mobile app offering a personalised experience for each user. As well as on demand content, it is also available as a linear channel in Europe and Latin America. It has proved extremely successful: views per visit has already risen from 1.8 to 2.8, with the number of page visits increasing by 6941% in little more than a year.



Name of Project: Live Production in the Cloud

Recipient: Sky Sports

With: SimplyLive, CTI Broadcast Projects, LiveU

Project summary: As the UK went into lockdown, Sky Sports recognised it needed to find a way to deliver its high production values while keeping its crews safe and secure. It worked with SimplyLive to develop cloud-based multi-camera remote production, in a bespoke platform that could be scaled, tweaked and rolled out rapidly. The successful solution reduces the amount of kit and people on site which has a significant positive environmental impact, and it also brings high production values to fringe sports: Sky Sports has been able to air more netball since the start of lockdown than in 2019. Using LiveU bonded cellular links and 5G, as many as seven cameras can be used with good synchronisation and low latency. This proven system can be applied anywhere, worldwide and at any scale.




Name of Project: Bundesliga Interactive Feed

Recipient: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga

With: Teravolt, Sportcast

Project summary: The Gen Z sports fan expects interactive, engaging content. They consume highlights quicker, shorter and at any time, and they demand access to additional information and statistics to enrich the experience. With German fans typically having three or four favourite teams and multiple simultaneous matches, fans want a personalised experience, selecting not just teams but individual players and match events to track. So Bundesliga decided to move beyond the traditional world feed concept to an interactive offering to its domestic and international media partners, adding layers of graphics and data which can be customised by each individual user.


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