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Content Distribution Workflow Tour

Content Distribution Workflow Tour



Gerton van den Beld

Gerton van den Beld - Chief Business Development Officer, Divitel BV. 

Gerton van den Beld has been employed with our company close to 20 years and has more than 20 years' experience in the Video Technology industry. Through the years with Divitel, he has made it his mission to help our customers transform their businesses and strategies. He has also been playing a pivotal role in evolving Divitel's business to respond to ongoing changes in the video industry. 

Ming Chow

Ming Chow - Senior Director, Solution Consulting, Huawei Video Solution BU 

An acclaimed expert in Pay TV & IP video industry with 20 years worldwide Telco video service experience. Profound knowledge of end-to-end solution development and service deployment across multiple video domains including IPTV, OTT, 5G video, and XR video. Responsible for CXO consultation and innovation facilitation to global telecom operators for video service transformation journey. 

Richard Amos

Richard Amos - Chief Product Officer at Skylark 

Technical leader and CPO of Skylark, with too many long years of experience working with just about every technology stack you can imagine, with a quiz-night-special-subject of content management systems.  

My time is almost exclusively devoted to helping companies create strategies for, design, and deploy media products throughout OTT and publishing using our Skylark platform and our enviable selection of close partners.  

Get in touch with me if you'd like to learn more about Skylark and our partners and services. 


Mathieu Planche

Mathieu Planche - Chief Executive Office 

As Chief Executive Officer, Mathieu Planche has led Witbe to become the Quality of Experience industry leader. Under his management, Witbe products reached an enterprise-level grade, meeting the complex requirements of the world's most influential companies and their monitoring needs. 


Yoann Hinard

Yoann Hinard - Chief Operations Officer 

Yoann Hinard is the Chief Operations Officer of Witbe and is responsible for the company's entire global operations. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. 


Andrea Luigi Cantone, Senior Manager, Home Segment, Client line of business, ARM. 

Andrea Luigi Cantone is a Senior Manager for the Home Segment at Arm. He is responsible for the global strategy and marketing for the Set-Top Box (STB) and Over The Top (OTT) business. 

Andrea joined Arm in early 2021, bringing with him over a decade of experience in commercializing innovation and technology across a range of consumer devices, from speakers to smartphones. 


Rob Suero Senior Director of Technology, RDK 

Rob, a 25 year veteran of the telecommunications industry, has been a member of the RDK team since its inception in 2013. Rob oversees technical activities for the RDK including architecture, community roadmap, and collaborative development. 


David Bornstein, CTO, Brightcove 

David is the CTO at Brightcove. David's passion is solving problems. He's spent the past 25 years helping businesses monetize content, market products, and educate the employee base with Video. Helping customers understand the art of the possible and creating a long-term vision to meet and exceed their business objectives is what David strives for. 

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OTT service and content providers are growing in influence within the DTV and Set-top box (STB) market. There are currently hundreds of millions of subscribers across the top streaming services worldwide, demonstrating the sizeable influence and reach of these services. However, this growing influence requires increasing compute demands and security protections across all DTV and STB devices. This workflow tour will explore these market trends in more detail. It will also reflect on what OEMs and silicon vendors involved in the development of DTV and STB devices can do to ensure they have the compute and security capabilities to meet these growing demands. 


Increase sales, improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through efficient video distribution 

As video content consumption increases, viewing quality has a major impact on brand reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. With prices under pressure and resources limited, efficiency in operations becomes mission critical. This is why many operators are rethinking the way they manage the error-prone delivery of video content. The increasing number of technology components that make up a TV/video distribution architecture, and the pace at which these components change, make the process of upgrade and maintenance expensive and difficult to manage. 

What is required to increase control and efficiency? Join our webinar! 


Skylark is the VOD Platform Solution created by the Ostmodern agency. Our technology empowers businesses to orchestrate engaging and personalised video content experiences. We leverage design, data and our 15+ years of experience to create industry-leading VOD platforms for a variety of businesses including Channel 4, ITV and the BBC. 

Skylark delivers an easy to adopt, data-rich toolset that enables our customers to continuously refresh and evolve their content platforms to meet the ever-changing needs of their audiences. With Skylark, our customers are building global, scalable content management and curation workflows at minimal cost.


In this Workflow tour, learn how major broadcasters leverage Witbe's technology to automatically test their services on any device and ensure that they have the best Quality of Experience. You will even get a sneak peek at what the Witbe team has in store for 2022. A hint? AI-driven robots small enough to fit in your back pocket and fully embedded with all the technology to support any video content right out of the box. Come see us in Hall 5, Booth C59, for a preview of what those new robots can do! 


The more valuable your content is, the more likely it is to attract the attention of video pirates. You have to protect it with every tool at your disposal – but which are the most effective for keeping it out of the wrong hands? In this informative session, we’ll examine at how pirates illicitly access and broadcast valuable content – link share, password share, redistribution - and the effective techniques leading media companies rely on to foil them, including: 

• Digital rights management (DRM) 

• Forensic watermarking 

• Token authentication 

• Optimizing content for security 

• Actionable Analytics 


“Content delivery solution strategy of Telco video service 2021” 

Worldwide IPTV operators are undergoing a process of transformation towards a converging future with OTT. More than imitating multi-screen experience or collaborating with internet content, Telcos indeed are adopting a unique approach to encompass network advantage together with superior VOD experience to distribute content differently from OTT service competitors. In this webinar, Huawei aims at defining a framework of content delivery strategy by Telco video services to address the market challenges while providing a foresight of a diversified video development future to come.