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3 - 6 December 2021

Content Distribution Shortlist

Name of Project: Boeing Starliner

Recipient: Boeing for NASA TV

With: Rockstar IT, Unifi, Ubiquiti, CPE, APC

Project summary: The Boeing CST-100 Starliner is a commercial spacecraft, built to transport up to seven astronauts to and from the International Space Station. It is designed to land in a remote desert location. As well as live broadcasting on NASA TV, the support team need to understand both the condition of the craft and that of the crew. This project delivers live, high-quality HD in IP with less than a second latency, thanks to Ku-band satellite data links and 802.11 wireless links over 15km of open desert.



Name of Project: BT Decentralised Remote Production

Recipient: BT Sport

With: Timeline Television, Telegenic, Moov, BT, Sunset & Vine

Project summary: With its technology partners, BT Sport has used industry-leading technology to maintain its live output during the pandemic while continuing to engage its viewers. The culmination of the innovation was the fully remote coverage of the 2021 UEFA Europa League Final from Poland, in 4k HDR and Dolby Atmos sound, with every single talent and crew member in the UK.



Name of Project: People-based innovation streams to mass market

Recipient: Migo

With: AWS, Adobe, FFmpeg, LeadCrypt, RabbitMQ

Project summary: Migo has brought a new concept to the market in Indonesia: sachet content – pre-paid, low cost videos for mobile devices, accessed at retail locations via Migo Download Stations (MDS). The aim is to reach 100,000 MDS throughout Indonesia, as well as tackling other similar markets. It is a completely new way to deliver digital content to countries that lack a widespread broadband infrastructure. The technology delivers a service which is exciting and relevant to the people, meeting their needs when traditional digital platforms could not succeed.



Name of Project: Transatlantic remote esports

Recipient: Riot Games

With: Nevion, Cisco, Riedel, TAG VS, Grass Valley, National Teleconsultants

Project summary: As developer of some of the world’s most popular video games, huge audiences attend its esports events: more than 100 million unique viewers, served by 40 distribution partners in up to 19 languages, and all live. In 2020 it staged two major tournaments in Rekjavik, Iceland. Normally this would involve 1200 crew, but the pandemic restricting the on-site team to a minimum, with talent and the rest of the production team at Riot bases in Berlin and Los Angeles. To keep everyone up to speed, they used JPEG-XS, the next generation high-performance, low-latency codec, allowing the hosts to be as spontaneous as ever, even though they were 10,000km apart, with the action taking place midway between them.


Name of Project: MGM Next-Generation Video Distribution Platform

Recipient: MGM Studios

Project summary: MGM has rolled out a new, blockchain-backed platform that provides a more efficient, secure and cost-effective way to deliver ultra-low latency video, without the use of traditional CDNs, cloud stacks, transcoding services or conventional databases. Content can be delivered online direct to consumers, and it can allow MGM partners to watch screeners and access marketing materials. Machine learning underpins a licensing system for complete programmes and for clips, covering more than 20,000 film and television titles.


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