9-12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Content Distribution Shortlist


Name of Project: Supersport Schools

Recipient: SuperSport

With: Pixellot, ITV Africa & Nashua

Project summary: School sports are the foundation upon which sporting nations are built – but this potential is blunted if grassroots talent cannot be found and nurtured. To tackle the issue, SuperSport Schools a high-school sports broadcast network was launched. Live streaming schools sport automatically, to watch live from anywhere, on-demand and at no cost.


Name of Project: Passing on real stories of war

Recipient: Imperial War Museums

With: Spectra Logic, Axiell & Veritas

Project summary: Through excellence in digital preservation, this project allows generations to explore over one million items in a genetically-diverse, geographically-dispersed storage ecosystem. It gives the Imperial War Museums the technology to safeguard its collections and fuel its programmes, from research and outreach through immersive exhibitions to historical filmmaking like Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old.


Name of Project: 2022 Season Launch

Recipient: Oracle Red Bull Racing

With: PUSH Live

Project Summary: To mark the launch of the RB18 car at the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Oracle Red Bull invited its fans to become broadcasters through their own social channels and adding their own customisations. Acting as broadcasters, they became the promoters, raising awareness and driving their micro-networks to tune in.


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