Future Trends Theatre

Visit the IABM Future Trends Theatre in the Future Zone which will host a packed programme of presentations that explore up-and-coming technology and business trends and how they will segue from today's environment. The IABM Future Trends Theatre is designed to give attendees an understanding of how new technologies can enable business plans now, rather than being dismissed as way-out ideas and possible hype waiting to find practical use cases. 

All visitors are welcome to attend the sessions that, this year, will cover all the current hot trends, including: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The new media content chain
  • The potential of VR
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Virtualisation
  • Applications for Blockchain
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Microservices
  • Multi-platform publishing and delivery
  • New business models unlocked by the cloud and other enabling technologies
IABM Future Trends Theatre Tracks
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning go hand-in-hand as futuristic trends as well as being in use today. This track covers how these engines will affect our industry with tangible applications. At the end of the track a panel session will debate the merits and potential of AI.

Personalisation, Ecommerce and Targeted Advertising

The goal of distributing personalized content to a universe of one is now achievable. This track covers business and forward-looking aspects, and assesses the consequences of personalization.

Revamp vs. Greenfield

With the switch to IP, Cloud and Virtualization, can a facility be future-proofed? This track covers the practical, economic and efficiency sides of starting from scratch or upgrading an existing operation. At the end of the track a panel session will debate the advantages of each path.

The Power of Immersive Media

Whether audio or video, 360˚, 180˚ or UHD, the influence of immersive technologies is immense. This track uncovers true-to-life advances and the forward-looking visions as immersive media finds its place within our industry.

Social Media and Branding

Branding is all about viewer loyalty. This track presents how branding and social media are tied together to deliver business-enhancing engagement with consumers.

Blockchain - Friend or Foe?

This track uncovers the significance of blockchain beyond currency and how will it affect your future business.

Production Innovation

How creativity is being unleashed with a new generation of tools to help and enhance the storytelling process. This track focuses on innovation in the field including acquisition, the studio and post-production house - from immersive media to AI-enabled production to creating object-based media.

Future Zone Tech Bytes

We’re delighted to announce for the first time this year there will be an enhanced programme of technical paper talks in the Future Zone Theatre – our FZ Tech Bytes, which will be some of the most innovative and future-facing sessions, specifically designed for the real technical experts. With sessions focusing around VFX revolution, immersive audio, 4K content delivery, production implementation in the cloud and the future of media production using Multiple Drones, these talks will truly be at the bleeding edge of innovation and are not to be missed.

The Future Zone Tech Bytes Sessions will take place on Friday 14 September




10:30 - 10:50

Visualizing the Future: How Video Game Engines are revolutionising the VFX industry (Sound & Picture)

Kendra Ruczak, Managing Editor, Sound and Picture

10:55 - 11:15

Enabling Immersive Audio with MPEG-H & THX Spatial Audio (Qualcomm)

Dipanjan Sen, Director, Qualcomm Technologies

11:20 - 11:40

Investigation and Implementation of a sound effect synthesis (Queen Mary University London)

Prof Josh Reiss, Professor in Audio Engineering, Queen Mary University London

11:45 - 12:05

4K content delivery using Hybridcast at the PyeongChang Olympics (NHK)

So Endo, Systems Engineer, NHK

12:10 - 12:30

Production implemented in the Cloud (BBC)

Brendan Mallon, Executive Product Manager, BBC

12:32 - 12:55

The Future of media production using Multiple Drones (RAI)

Fulvio Negro, Senior Researcher, RAI