CE Product Demo Submission Form

IBC is committed to fully reflecting the diversity of the industry across the show. Consider whether your company can stand-out by putting forward a speaker from a demographic that is usually under-represented at conferences.
Max 75 words. If selected, this text will be used to promote your speaker on the IBC website
In a maximum of 50 words, describe your company’s position in the broadcast and media content supply chain, highlighting your key areas of business and expertise
Audio/Video (A/V) equipment and technical support available for the Demos:
  • Projector with 16:9 screen located at the back of the stage
  • Lectern and lectern mic for addressing the audience
  • Audio speakers to cover the audience area
  • Internet connectivity – 4Mbps Ehernet cable 
  • PC/Laptop connected to the projector (you can just bring a memory stick, but please arrive in good time to test this)
  • Presenter’s lapel/headset radio mic; Audience (handheld) microphones plus Hostesses for Q&A
  • Low level table for Product placement
  • Variety of interfaces to enable various devices to connect to the A/V system
Media Release Form

Your application will be subject to the speaker completing a Media Release Form to cover the use of the video recording. The terms and conditions of the Media release form can be seen here.

Privacy Policy

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