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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 24 JULY 2024 (orders after this date will incur a 25% surcharge) 

Please Note:
A service is provided for exhibitors who wish to route signal cables (e.g. data, coax or fibre) from one stand to another, from one hall to another or from an outside exhibit to one or more stands. Mansveld Expotech is preferred supplier and the only qualified contractor of IBC for inter-stand cabling. It is important to send a drawing to Mansveld Expotech in which the position of the main connection(s) is clearly specified, as well as the location of the cable entry points in the stand(s) and orientation in the hall. 
Please note that if you need inter-stand cabling to more than one stand you need to fill in a new request form. 
If you choose for fibre, the cable needs to be an outdoor Single- or Multimode cable with at least the following specifications:

- Type: Outdoor Loose tube Multimode OM3 50/125nm. Crush 2000N/cm

- Type: Outdoor Loose tube Single mode OS2 9/125nm. Crush 2000N/cm

Please Note:

If your fibre cable doesn’t match with the above mentioned requirements, we urgent request you to contact the technical engineers of Mansveld Expotech to explain your needs. To minimize the risk factor of cable failure by installation, Mansveld Expotech can translate your needs into a customized quotation for cabling and installation which is allowed and proved by them.

Mansveld Expotech cannot be held responsible for the signal level and signal quality at the receiving end of the cables if the cable type is specified by the exhibitor.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that all cables delivered to Mansveld Expotech must have a proof of delivery which has to be signed by an employee of Mansveld Expotech (delivery note). It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that all cables are correctly marked, labelled and protected at both ends, for easy, safe and secure installation.

Cables, clearly labelled, must be in the possession of Mansveld Expotech no later than 1 August 2024. So please make sure to send them in time to the following address:

Mansveld Expotech

Att. IBC - Rob van Bekkum Marks 06-46288620

Keienbergweg 12

1101GB Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Return of cables

At the end of the exhibition, the cables can be collected from Mansveld Expotech. Cables will be held for one month after the exhibition has ended.

Please note the following: 

It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to submit the signed order confirmation together with the correctly filled in payment form to Mansveld Expotech. 
If these documents are not submitted at the same time, Mansveld Expotech cannot guarantee their services. Please note that Mansveld Expotech does not accept Cash or Cheques. You will receive the payment link after you have placed your order. 
General Terms and Conditions 

All quotations, contracts and implementation are subject to the General Conditions of Expotech B.V. as deposited with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 331.50.092. A copy of these General Conditions will be sent to you on request. 

For more information please contact: 

Mansveld Expotech 

Fred van der Kroon 

Tel: +31 (0) 20 312 8080