9-12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Advances in Diversity and Inclusion Shortlist


Name of Project: Learning Sign Language Together

Recipient: EQ4ALL

Project summary: Over 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families. Unless the family learns sign language together, deaf children easily become isolated and may receive inadequate home education. To solve this social problem, EQ4All designed a sign language education application for Android TV platform of Korean broadcaster KT Skylife, with immersive and engaging tools for everyone to learn sign language.


Name of Project: Break the Codes

Recipient: Iota Production

Project summary: Even today, women in the STEM industries suffer from gender discrimination. In this documentary, four women share their experiences in the “guy sector”.  The goal is to support the confidence of girls and women to work in STEM; to value and make visible the achievement of women; and finally, to ensure that popular perceptions of the professions are less typically masculine. 


Name of Project: Rise Up Academy

Recipient: Rise

Project summary: : The Rise Up Academy aims to inspire educate and inform young people about the pathways and opportunities available to them in the media technology industry. Working with nine to eighteen year olds, the Academy has delivered hands-on broadcast technology workshops, masterclasses and behind the scenes events across the UK, in locations chosen to reach lower socio-economic and ethnically diverse communities.   With  the support of industry volunteers, the hands-on workshops see the young people build a four-camera studio and gallery from scratch.


Name of Project: Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities (RAMPD)

Recipient: RAMPD

Project summary: RAMPD is a coalition of established and accredited recording artists, audio engineers and music industry professionals who identify as having a disability, neurodiversity, chronic illness, or are deaf. It is successfully pursing its mission to promote equitable inclusion, advocating for accessibility in the music and performance industry.