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3 - 6 December 2021

Showcase Theatre


New for 2021, IBC will be launching the new “Showcase Theatre” in Hall 11. This will be a 250+ attendee, purpose built stage, offering free to attend sessions that cover strategic content from rapid growth market sectors. The Showcase Theatre will be IBC’s premium

onsite platform for generating Content Qualified Leads (CQLs). IBC will promote these sessions extensively online and onsite to capture data. Badges will be scanned at dedicated entry points and data captured through their registration details.

All sessions will be live streamed in order to capture additional leads from IBC’s extended digital audience in 2021 and hosted online as VOD to extend the lead capture even further beyond the show dates.

Opportunities will be available for exhibitors and sponsors to position themselves at the forefront of these topics, working alongside IBC’s own content producers to curate a tailored programme.

You will be able to hold your own thought leadership event, enabling you to promote your company expertise, key executives, technology developments and latest products on an international stage. IBC will support you in the curation of the content, sourcing of speakers and securing an engaged audience.


Exhibitors include: