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IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub

IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub

IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub

Offering consumers “content everywhere” and catch-up services are now essential requirements for many traditional broadcasters. The ability to deliver content “over the top” across broadband networks has also opened the door for new players to establish their own direct relationships with new audiences. 

IBC Content Everywhere brings together technology companies and service providers who are at the heart of this revolution. 

The Content Everywhere Hub at the heart of Hall 14 helps visitors make the most of their time at the show through an extensive and varied programme of presentations, demonstrations and panel sessions that explore the content everywhere opportunity.

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Each daily programme consists of two hour-long sessions and panel discussions looking at consumer behaviours, business models and technologies that drive the growth of content engagement over connected devices.

The Hub also showcases a series of short demonstrations exhibiting the latest products and services that are shaping the development of new connected technologies; and looking at their effect on traditional broadcast media.

As well as offering a thought-leading schedule of panel sessions and product demonstrations, the Hub is also a convenient central location for informal meetings and networking.

Click below to watch a selection of the presentations from the IBC Content Everywhere Hub.

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2017 programme coming soon!

Potential 2017 Panel Session Themes

IBC Content Everywhere Immersive Media 101

This session will introduce visitors to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality and their significance to content creators and service providers. The session will also be able to give an update on the latest developments and the state of play for these emerging story-telling techniques.

IBC Content Everywhere Voice Assistants 101

Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Samsung’s Bixby are some of the highest profile examples, but how might voice search and voice control change the design and delivery of online content services? What will voice assistance teach us about how the digital media industry might use Artificial Intelligence in the future?

IBC Content Everywhere e-sports 101

This session will explore the global e-sports phenomenon and ask whether traditional broadcasters and content creators can learn anything from its inexorable rise.

IBC Content Everywhere Security 101

Maintaining the security of content from creation, through post production and distribution to the consumer’s screen is of vital importance to players throughout the value chain.  This session will look at the threats and revenue risks and introduce the different techniques and tools that need to be considered.

IBC Content Everywhere 5G and IoT 101

This session will aim to decipher the new dictionary of jargon and cut through the hype that surrounds the next generation of mobile technologies, and try to explain how 5G and the Internet of Things might be relevant to the creation, management, delivery and consumption of digital media content.

IBC Content Everywhere Cloud 101

From a position of scepticism and suspicion just a few years ago, the Cloud is increasingly accepted as a flexible and versatile component of content creation, management and delivery workflows.  This session will explain where the Cloud is being exploited and the benefits it brings to content creators, service providers and consumers.

Live Streaming around the world

Live streaming is a global phenomenon. This session will introduce the range of content genres and services around the world that are exploiting the ability to live stream, the platforms that enable live-streaming, and explore the motivations of some of the new players who have become live broadcasters.

Is OTT Democratising broadcast?

This session will explore the different ways that OTT delivery of live and recorded video is enabling enterprises, governmental and educational institutions as well as minority sports to disintermediate traditional broadcast to build their own audiences.

Video Aggregators

A plethora of on demand video services is emerging to compete with established pay-TV services.  However, this confronts consumers with the need to manage multiple subscriptions. This session will explore whether there is an opportunity for a new category of video aggregator to help consumers select and manage services to meet their individual needs.

Coping with a fragmented connect device environment

How do content distributors optimise the consumer experience across a multitude of different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems. How important will optimisation be in an environment where consumers have an increasingly wide choice of content offerings to choose from?

Is TV really dying?

How are viewing habits changing, what is the current state of play, how does it vary from country to country or between demographics?  How is audience measurement evolving to accommodate the new multi-screen environment?

  • IBC is the only exhibition we attend. It’s very important for those in the broadcasting industry.
    Jochen Albrecht
    CTO - Albrecht Electronic
  • IBC represents an important annual industry dialogue where the worlds of technology and media intersect.
    Erik Huggers
    CEO, Vevo
  • IBC is the exhibition that gives us the most exposure in the broadcasting industry. The exhibition is a really special show and is close to everyone’s hearts. It gets better every year and has got a great vibe.
    Anoushka Farouk
    Marketing Manager - TSL
  • IBC is not about quantity it’s about quality. Conversations we have are enlightening in every sense. Everyone is here to do business.
    Robert Lisman
    Director of Marketing - Primestream
  • The greatest thing about IBC is that it provides the facilities to network with industry professionals whilst getting great knowledge on new technology.
    Gina Canzano
    Technical Support Engineer - BW Broadcast


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