Tim Davie

BBC Studios
Tim Davie leads BBC Studios, the Corporation’s largest commercial subsidiary, as CEO. BBC Studios was formed in April 2018 by the merger of BBC Worldwide and the BBC’s principal production arm, also known as BBC Studios. It is the primary home for the BBC’s commercial production and distribution in the UK and around the world. Its programmes sit at the heart of BBC channels in the UK, and by maximising the value from intellectual property, its profits contribute to significant financial returns that are reinvested into the BBC for the benefit of the UK licence fee payer.

Tim took up his current position in April 2018, having previously served as CEO of BBC Worldwide since April 2013. Prior to this, he served as Acting BBC Director-General from November 2012, and as Director, Audio & Music since September 2008. Tim joined the BBC in April 2005 as Director of the BBC's Marketing, Communications & Audiences division. He had previously worked as Vice President, Marketing, and Franchise, PepsiCo Europe. He read English at Cambridge University and from there joined Procter and Gamble.

In April 2017 Tim was appointed to the new BBC Executive Board. He is also Chairman of Comic Relief, Trustee of the Tate and Trustee of the Royal Television Society.