Richard Dean

Head of Security Services EMEAR
Richard Dean has been active in the field of cyber security for over a decade after taking an interest in while Studying Physics at University. Building upon a passion for wanting to understand how things work, allowed him to quickly start tackling difficult security challenges. First at Portcullis then at Cisco Richard has enjoyed working in and then leading a technical Team with wide ranging talents, personally taking part in diverse projects from the mundane web application assessments to scenario simulations and everything in between. He always makes sure to ask the question “How does this work and what is it supposed to do?”, which was the premise for his 2012 Blackhat presentation entitles “The Art Of Exploiting Logical Flaws In Web Apps”. Taking this premise and applying it to both technology and processes has allowed Richard to work with a vast array of business to help improve their cyber security maturity, and verify that these improvements are effective in practise.

Currently Richard works for Cisco’s Customer Experience Team, running the Technical Assurance branch of the EMEAR Security Advisory department. His Team offers strategic and tactical consultancy covering all areas of cyber security, from defensive capability, through detection of active threats and reaction to the inevitable breach.


Fri, 14th September 2018 at 16:00

Active cyber defence in broadcast and media