Muki Kulhan

Managing Director
Muki International Ltd.
Muki is an award-winning Executive Digital Producer with over two decades creating interactive, groundbreaking content for music, broadcasting, entertainment and tech innovation. After 10 years growing MTV’s digital platforms in the 00s, she now runs Muki-International, Ltd. creating digital content for social, immersive VR/MR, live and x-platform biz-dev strategies for broadcasters, A-List artists and R&D teams. As BBC’s Digital Exec for The Voice UK Series 4 & 5, she produced the ‘Virtual Voice’, the first-ever ‘series’ of 360°VR experiences for a flagship show and continues to Exec bespoke 360VR projects. Muki regularly hosts, chairs and speaks at conferences such as BAFTA, IBC, VR World Congress, BBC Connected, Zurich Film Festival, ImmerseUK/Sky, Cambridge Wireless, IABM, Dublin Tech Summit, ComicCon and more. She’s also an active member of BSAC, RTS, Women in Immersive Tech and has mentored our next gen of producers at Media Trust, Ravensbourne, ELAM and AR meetups at UCL.