Maurice Schutte

Producer and Co-Creator
Space Beers
Based in Amsterdam, Maurice has been active as a producer and director for over a decade in television and live broadcasts. His lifelong passion for film finally got the better of him and he decided to switch things up. The festival favorite VR short The Invisible Man, the animated prologue for Space Beers and the documentary Home in Between followed soon after and set the pace for things to come. He has several other movies on his slate; the next being the sci-fi indie film The Occupant and the wacky (live action) space adventure Space Beers.

Fun fact: Maurice is (jokingly) known for demanding budget for a helicopter because, to quote him: “helicopters make everything better”.

Sometimes gets his wish.

The brainchild of director/producer Maurice Schutte and screenwriter Philip M. Howe (who met during a boozy night out during the Cannes Film Festival), the universe of Space Beers will hold many stories - the first of which is being told in the form of the – already released - animated prologue to introduce Zendra and Talia, followed by a live-action short called Space Beers: The Beginning and the feature film; Space Beers.

The Space Beers universe is, well, as big as the universe! But what you probably didn’t know is that most of the aliens out there are just as messed up and bored as we are. Sure, some have all the latest gizmos, like faster-than-light travel, flying bubble drunk-tanks, and A.I powered alien abduction machines, but what they don’t have is Earth beer! Well, they didn’t, until a young Scot named Jed is abducted by two bored, sociopathic aliens girls on a bender, in Space Beers: The Beginning.