Jannicke Mikkelsen

VR Film Director/ Cinematographer FNF IMAGO
Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF (Norwegian Society of Cinematographers) is a freelance VR film Director and Cinematographer based in London, United Kingdom. She is internationally known for her work with the British Rock band QUEEN and lead singer Adam Lambert on their Virtual Reality film “VR The Champions” (2017). The film is the first VR film to capture a live concert in flying 360 degree 3D. Mikkelsen’s ground breaking VR work awarded her the 2017 IMAGO (European Society of Cinematographers) Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement, and recognition as one of Norway’s most influential women in tech of 2017.

Merging her background from her extensive cinematography studies and feature film stereography career, she creates elegant and stunning cutting edge films that capture the enthusiasm and imagination of her audience. Due to the technical demand of her films, each project must be engineered from the ground up. Mikkelsen takes part in designing, programming and engineering both hardware and software required to make the virtual reality productions a success.

Jannicke Mikkelsen is a frequent speaker at events, presenting her research on stereoscopic photography and most recent VR films grounded in historical photographical research. Mikkelsen is an advocate of learning from the early masters to keep improving the future of immersive entertainment. Some of the companies and events she has held master classes for include: Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Sony, Hollywood Records, Starmus Science Communication Festival, and The Camerimage Film Festival.

Jannicke was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Norway with her parents where she grew up in the Norwegian outdoor culture, spending most of her time competing in winter sports. In her early 20's Mikkelsen was a professional Speed Skater, training and competing for the Olympic development team based at the Utah Olympic Oval, USA. Jannicke still enjoys an active lifestyle and has camera operated on various productions speed skating, figure skating, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, mountain skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, ice climbing, open water kayaking, white water rafting, open water scuba diving, submarine camera operating and helicopter camera operating.

Jannicke Mikkelsen is a member of the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers, FNF and the European Society of Cinematographers, IMAGO, and representative of IMAGO's Technical Committee in Cinematography. She is also a member of SMPTE UK. Mikkelsen is an alumni of the National Film and Television School, NFTS, Cinematography Masters course and received her Bachelor Honours in Cinematography and Film Production from The Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio joint with the University of Wolverhampton.


Fri, 14th September 2018 at 15:35

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