Jack Watts

Head of Technology and Development
Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema
With 12+ years experience in the Motion Picture industry, Jack has worked across all ranges within the finishing and distribution medium. Starting out as a 35mm/Digital Cinema integrator, Jack has experience in Color Science, VFX, Infrastructure Build and Content Authoring. Whilst working at Technicolor; Jack defined and implemented mastering workflows for high-end Hollywood Studio content on a global scale.

Jack has extensive knowledge of the Digital Cinema (DCP) & Interoperable Master Format (IMP) packaging formats. Along with consulting an assortment of manufacturers on the correct implementation in their products, Jack is heavily active within a collection of industry communities attributing to their end use and has membership across a range of bodies such as SMPTE Standards participation, EDCF and DPP.


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EDCF Global Update Summary

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