Geoff Boyle, NSC FBKS

After I got a Brownie 127 for my 8th birthday I knew I was going to be a photographer, a reportage photographer bringing life's realities to the world! Then I saw Blow Up and as a 17 year old I knew my future was fashion photography :-) all those models!
After Art College I started as a stills assistant in a studio specialising in fashion, the one that had been used as a location in Blow Up! Of course I wanted to run before I could walk and split out on my own mainly photographing bands and concerts, struggling to survive and then one day someone asked if I knew anyone who could film a concert, of course I did.
That was me starting in the world of film which then led to news and documentary. On returning to the UK after a couple of years in the Middle East I found that the only work I could get was in TV studios pushing a ped, so I found myself in a strange world of multi cameras.
I quickly moved into freelance operating and shot hundreds of music videos alongside still shooting documentaries.
I met Terence Donovan whilst shooting a documentary about him and went on to shoot his commercials and videos for the next 6 years. He was one of the three people Blow Up was based on.
This was my big break into the world of commercials and I shot commercials from then on with the occasional documentary on the side.
In 2005 I shot my first Movie and since then have shot mainly movies with the odd TV series thrown in :-)
Over the years I've worked with most of the main manufacturers testing new equipment and working with Alpha and Beta versions of kit, I love seeing how far we can push the boundaries.
In 1996 bored on location in a hotel room I set up CML-Cinematography Mailing List so I could talk to other cinematographers in similar circumstances. There was nowhere for professionals to talk, it was then as it is now mostly an internet world of misinformation. I have worked hard over the last 21 years to keep CML to the facts, I also started to share the camera and lens tests that I'd been doing for my own use since 1979.
The annual evaluations have grown and grown and now dominate my life for several months every year!
I'm fascinated by the results, the differences get smaller and smaller but the skill required to use them remains.


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