Dirk Westervelt

Film Editor
Circle A Corporation
Dirk Westervelt has worked in many different genres of film, including action, drama, and comedy. No matter what the genre, his primary focus is always on storytelling. After studying graphic arts, photography, and film theory, Westervelt worked for a time in the camera department. He then moved to the cutting room on the first two feature films directed by F. Gary Gray, as Assistant Editor on FRIDAY and Associate Editor on SET IT OFF. He worked for George Tillman Jr. as an Associate Editor on SOUL FOOD, and as Editor on MEN OF HONOR, FASTER, and NOTORIOUS. While living and working in Prague, he served as Visual Effects Editor on Guillermo del Toro’s BLADE 2 and HELLBOY. He has also collaborated repeatedly with writer-director Rick Famuyiwa, and he worked as Editor on JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 3D for director Eric Brevig. In 2014 he edited Jaume Collet-Serra’s RUN ALL NIGHT, and in 2017 he finished working on James Mangold’s LOGAN. He recently completed work on DEADPOOL 2, directed by David Leitch. His career has coincided with the advent of digital. It’s been a period of rapidly advancing technology, in both the production and post-production aspects of making feature films. With his experience in VFX, including on CGI heavy and 3D projects, Westervelt has experienced many of these changes firsthand. Every project has presented it’s own unique challenges. Each new project demands a rigorous approach to finding the best technologies available and applicable. The technologies that Westervelt has found most useful are the ones that increase the efficiency and simplicity of creative collaboration and the storytelling process.


Sun, 16th September 2018 at 10:25

The story of the edit: Deadpool 2