Bill Bennett, ASC

Bill Bennett, ASC has been a cinematographer for over 35 years, primarily shooting television commercials the world over, for hundreds of major clients, from companies like Ford, Lexus, Coca Cola, Apple Computer, American Airlines, McDonalds, and Budweiser.

Over the years, Bill has worked on several feature films as a camera operator, on either the first or second unit. Some titles include: Superman III, The Black Stallion Returns, Howard the Duck, To Live and Die in LA, Silverado, American Flyer, The Right Stuff (aerials), Bugsy(miniatures), Waiting to Exhale (title sequence), Cocktails (aerials), Dante’s Peak, and Drive. He has also worked as 1st or 2nd unit DoP on the TV series: 24, The Fosters, and
Heart Breaker.

Mr. Bennett had the great honor of being the first cinematographer with a career consisting of primarily shooting television commercials to be invited to join the American Society of Cinematographers. He is currently Vice President and a member of the Board of Governors.

Along with Ron Dexter in the early 80’s, Mr. Bennett co-invented a device at the request of Robert Dalva, the Director of The Black Stallion Returns, called the Terra-Flite. Designed to allow smooth camera movement over rough terrain, it pre-dated the invention of the Steadicam, and utilized then-new technologies they had to create, such as gyroscopic stabilization, remote follow-focus, video assist, and remote pan and tilt control.

Mr. Bennett was partner with Howard Preston in the design and creation of the Preston Cinema Systems Micro-Force Zoom Control, which has become an indispensable standard of the industry, seen on every set in the world.

Mr. Bennett has long been an advisor to Arri in the design of their cameras, having great influence in the design of the 435 film camera, and more recently the Alexa and Alexa Mini digital cameras. He has over the years shot demonstration films for Arri and Zeiss, for their many cameras and lenses.


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