Andrew Dunne

Technology Manager
BBC Worldwide
Andrew is part of the BBC Studios Operations Team and is responsible for ensuring that standards are maintained across the supply chain. He works with productions to deliver content in a number of HDR formats in order to fulfil customer's requirements around the world.

Andrew joined BBC Worldwide in order to make children's video games on CD-ROM, but when the Internet killed that market, he changed his focus to providing video to mobile phones. This lead to delivering high-quality video online and he was part of the team which launched BBC content on YouTube. The success of this required BBC Worldwide to build an internal editing facility, which Andrew built and managed for a number of years, including through two building moves.

Andrew is part of the DPP IMF working group which drafted the new IMF format for Broadcast and Online.


Mon, 17th September 2018 at 10:30

HDR focus: Blue Planet II and The Grand Tour