Allan McLennan

Chief Executive and Global Market Technologist/Analyst
The Padem Group
Allan McLennan is the Founder, Chief Executive and Global Market Technologist of the US based PADEM Media Group, one of the world’s recognized voices, advocates and corporate growth specialists in the advancement of IP (web/broadband/mobile) based television/OTT/VOD, video streaming/VR, data intelligence/AI across IP networks and to connected devices. Allan’s current work with global corporations and innovators addresses the deployments and acquisitions across multi-device IP networks, OTT/TV/VOD network programming and multiplatform video distribution (IP, LTE, BB), data analytics, advanced advertising (ACR, RTB, Programmatic APIs) and the overall revision of the entertainment/media multi-platform video consumption models being explored today. He has participated in the creation/innovation, packaged and/or sold multiple new offerings throughout the world in 17 countries with close to four billion households as both a corporate executive and innovator. He has held five patents in targeted advertising and has worked with corporations such as Ericsson, Siemens, Microsoft, TIVO, COMCAST, APPLE, Universal, Disney and more on projects involving the advancement of IP/digital media distribution. Additionally, he was the founding AMI divisional president of the US publicly traded entertainment data analytics corporation – RENTRAK (NASDAQ: RENT), serving 100% of the studio and network marketplace; first Advanced Residential Gateway STB (2001), first 3D multi-user VR environment (1995) and co-creator of the world's first globally deployed IP On-demand offering SelectPlay in 1999.