Adam Myhill

Creative Director
Unity Technologies
Adam has spent almost two decades in video game and film worlds, working as a Director of Photography and CG supervisor at EA, Pandemic and Blackbird Interactive across multiple titles and as a feature film DP on a number of movies. His procedural cinematic and in-game camera system, Cinemachine, has been acquired by Unity. He now brings his cinematic, lighting and in-game camera experience to Unity as Head of Cinematics. He holds a number of patents in the area of CG camera technology, virtual cinematography and procedural camera behaviour in addition to his wicked, out of control obsession with lenses especially vintage ones.

Adam also holds a patent for procedural cinematography in the area of eSports on how to generate movie-like content from games or other variable scenarios in real-time.


Sat, 15th September 2018 at 10:00

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