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3 - 6 December 2021

Your safety and COVID-19


15th September update

Requirements for travelling to the Netherlands:

As of 1 July, the EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE is effective for travelling within Europe . EU citizens who have been fully vaccinated can obtain an EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE and use it to enter the Netherlands. Citizens who do not have an EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE and/or are a resident of a country outside the EU and the Schengen area, can enter the Netherlands using a paper proof of an EU approved vaccination. As of 22 September, fully vaccinated travellers coming from very high-risk areas e.g. the United States and United Kingdom are exempt from the mandatory quarantine requirement in the Netherlands.

Getting to the RAI:

Face masks will still be mandatory in airports, on aircraft, trains, buses, trams and metros, in taxis and on other commercial passenger transport. However, face masks will no longer need to be worn in train stations and at bus, tram and metro stops. There will be no temperature checks or track and trace upon arrival.

Facemasks and social distancing:

Masks are not compulsory, but attendees may continue to wear these if preferred. There will be no 1.5 metre social distancing rule in place, and no one-way systems within the RAI, however exhibitors may keep one-way systems on stands if preferred.


Since 1967 IBC has been run by the industry, for the industry, and that has never been more important than it is today.
IBC is fully committed to delivering a safe and successful show this December at the RAI Amsterdam.

As IBC continues to develop plans for the 2021 show, we are closely monitoring developments around the world and are working with our key stakeholders to ensure the relevant health and safety measures are put in place for IBC to be a safe environment for our exhibitors and attendees. IBC is in regular contact with the City of Amsterdam and RAI Amsterdam management team. They, in turn, are working with all their key stakeholders such as the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Municipal Health Service (GGD) of the city of Amsterdam.

The IBC Health & Safety guidelines have been established in line with the latest government regulations, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and HSE (The Health and Safety Executive) guidelines, and the RAI Amsterdam venue protocols.

These guidelines are subject to change as we move towards the IBC show in December. Any adjustments to these guidelines will remain consistent with any changes in government regulations, national health authority guidelines and/or venue protocols.

Cleaning and Disinfection


  • Public areas of the RAI Amsterdam will be cleaned and sanitised at an increased frequency. 
  • RAI Amsterdam air ventilation system has been enhanced through filter, air-conditioning and heating channel disinfection to ensure increased air conditioning and filtration.
  • Exhibitors will maintain a hygienic stand environment to ensure a safe experience for all visitors on their stands. 

Face Masks and Personal Hygiene

Safe Interactions

  • Masks are not compulsory, but attendees may continue to wear these if preferred.
  • Hands sanitising facilities will be widely available throughout the venue and on exhibitor stands.
  • Instructions on following personal hygiene guidelines will be visible throughout the venue and on exhibitor stands.

Touchless Experience

Stand Capacity

  • For the safety of our attendees, we are aiming to create a touchless experience wherever possible.
  • Badge pick-up and scanning will be contactless. 
  • Everyone must be pre-registered. Onsite self-registrations will not be possible.
  • All payments in the RAI Amsterdam will be cashless.  
  • Handouts will be permitted by exhibitors on their stands but not in public areas (to reduce the amount of waste and people picking up used literature). IBC recommends that exhibitors go paperless and use QR codes to reduce printed material waste. 
  • Most doors will be automatic or propped open during the show opening times. 

Exhibitors include: