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IBC are collaborating with the TM Forum to drive open innovation between the telecoms and media industries. The collaboration will include a focus on developing multi-company and rapid proof-of-concept Catalyst projects. These projects will be showcased at IBC2018 and TM Forum events.

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TM Forum and IBC collaborate on broadcast use cases

Bringing the two worlds together

Featuring Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum and Mike Crimp, CEO, IBC

IBC Members are working on new projects within the TM Forum's Catalyst programme to develop the broadcasting use case as telcos look towards key vertical industries for 5G. 

Telco & Media Innovation Forum

This is a high-profile event held on 14 September at IBC2018. Senior leaders from both verticals will navigate the challenges and opportunities as traditional telcos transition to digital players and broaden their offerings by adding content assets and partner with content providers. Thought-provoking speakers from companies including Netflix, BT, Microsoft, Movistar and Canal, will debate and discuss with an invited C-level audience from across the telco, media and entertainment sectors.

Catalyst Projects

At the heart of the collaboration between IBC and the TM Forum is an extension of TM Forum's highly successful, Catalyst Programme to the media sector. These rapid-fire, member-driven, proof-of-concept Media-Telecom Catalyst projects will focus on driving technical innovation to solve industry challenges by leveraging TM Forum best practices & standards. These Catalysts will be showcased at TM Forum's events around the world, and IBC's media event in Amsterdam.

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