Tech Talks at the IBC Conference

Throughout the themed IBC Conference Tracks, you will discover Tech Talks sessions.  These are designed to provide glimpses of novel, original and thought-provoking, advances in media technology. The senior technologists and researchers who have been responsible for these exciting developments will talk about their work themselves, in a very accessible manner which avoids excessive jargon, complexity and mathematics. From the audience, you will have the rare opportunity to question these world experts on their ideas.

Behind the Tech Talks, each presenter is also the author (or co-author) of a technical paper about their work, and this paper has been selected by an international peer-review panel to be of such novelty and contribution to knowledge that it will be formally published in the citable academic literature by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  Only a small proportion of all the proposals IBC receives, makes it into Tech Talks, so these really are the cream of new ideas.

If you are inspired by the Tech Talks and want all the fine details of the work presented, do download the Conference papers through the IBC app.