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Registration & Access

For more information or assistance on the below please email IBC Registration.


To speed up the process and to avoid queuing and congestion onsite, we ask all workers to register for their Work Pass in advance. Each individual will need to watch the RAI safety video before being sent their unique QR code, it takes less than 5minutes. Everyone who has pre-registered can take their QR code and gain access to the RAI from the hall loading door where the badge printer can be accessed. Please note that not every loading door has a badge printer - at least one door per hall will have a badge printer. Please ensure ID is carried at all times. If you have any questions or need help with your Work Pass registration, please email badgecentre@rai.nl.

Work Pass badges can also be collected onsite from the RAI Hospitality Crew Centre, P9, Entrance C and Entrance D (from 16:00). Please note that if your colleagues have registered as an ‘Exhibitor’ you are able to collect your badges on the first day of build-up from Entrance C, these will allow you access into the halls (you will not need a Work Pass badge in addition to the Exhibitor badge).

Here is how it works:
English version: http://www.raisecurity.com/exhibition_organisers/en/88/IBC_2022/
Dutch version: http://www.raisecurity.com/exhibition_organisers/nl/88/IBC_2022/

RAI Amsterdam parking is free during build-up and breakdown days. Please note that you must have your Exhibitor registration badge and your Contractors must have their Work Pass to take advantage of the free build-up and breakdown parking. 


Thursday 1 September 08:00 - 21:00 Early Access for Space Only stands – must be requested via the Early Access for Build-Up form. NO LATE WORKING PERMITTED.
Friday 2 - Sunday 4 September 08:00 - 21:00 Space Only stand build-up. NO LATE WORKING PERMITTED.
Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 September 08:00 - 21:00 Space Only stand build-up. LATE WORKING PERMITTED WITH ADVANCE APPROVAL ONLY.
Wednesday 7 September 08:00 - 21:00 Shell Scheme stand and Outdoor Exhibits build-up begins
Wednesday 7 September 15:00 - 15:30 Exhibition hall lights will be dimmed to allow exhibitors to test the lighting on their stand.
Thursday 8 September 07:00 - 18:00 FINAL DAY OF BUILD-UP
Thursday 8 September 08:00 - 18:00 Outside Exhibits build-up.
Thursday 8 September 15:00 - 15:30 Remove and dispose of plastic covering from stand floor and furniture to allow for cleaning.
Exhibition hall lights will be dimmed to allow exhibitors to test the lighting on their stand.
Thursday 8 September 18:00 Aisle carpet and floor graphics will be laid during the evening. 
Stand construction and decorating must be completed and no more materials will be permitted into the halls. NO LATE WORKING PERMITTED.
Friday 9 September 07:00 - 10:00 Staff briefings only. NO STAND CONSTRUCTION OR DECORATING PERMITTED.

Hard hats and safety shoes (PPE) are compulsory for anyone in the halls during the period of Thursday 1 to Wednesday 7 September. Depending on conditions within halls, PPE may also be required on Thursday 8 September. PPE can be ordered through the RAI Webshop or purchased onsite at the RAI Hospitality Crew Centre (subject to availability). 

Please ensure your staff and any appointed contractors are aware of the build-up schedule, health & safety rules, and stand build regulations. Floor Managers will be monitoring the safety measures within the exhibition halls.

Late working is classified after 21:00 until 23:00 only and will only be permitted from Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 September. Late working will only be permitted with advance authorisation from the IBC organisers. Late working authorisation form can be obtained from the IBC Sales Office in the Holland Lounge (Entrance C, upstairs) and must be submitted for approval to the IBC organisers by 15:00 on the respective day(s) of working late. Overnight working will not be permitted. 


Monday 12 September 16:00 - 16:30 IBC2022 closes. Visitors will exit the building. Power to all exhibition stands will be switched off.
Monday 12 September 16:30 - 18:00 BREAKDOWN BEGINS. Removal of hand-carry goods only.
Monday 12 September 18:00 - 22:00 Removal of equipment ONLY - stands are NOT to be dismantled.
Tuesday 13 - Wednesday 14 September 08:00 - 21:00 Breakdown of stands and removal of all exhibits. 
Thursday 15 September 08:00 - 18:00 Exhibition halls must be vacated by 18:00.

Hard hats and safety shoes (PPE) are compulsory during exhibition breakdown. PPE can be ordered through the RAI Webshop or purchased onsite at the RAI Hospitality Crew Centre (subject to availability). 

Please ensure your staff and any appointed contractors are aware of the breakdown schedule and the health & safety rules. Floor Managers will be monitoring the safety measures within the exhibition halls.

Any rubbish left on exhibitor's stand after dismantling will be subject to a removal fee which will be charged directly to the exhibitor by the RAI Amsterdam.


NEW FOR IBC2022 - Booking a Timeslot for Loading and Unloading at the RAI Amsterdam
If you are not serviced by CEVA for loading and unloading (i.e. if you do not require a forklift or a pallet truck), you will need to book a timeslot via the RAI Logistics Management System (LMS) which is NOW LIVE for you to book your timeslot for loading and unloading. Timeslots will be given out based on availability. If your preferred timeslot is not available, you will need to book another timeslot. Please click here to book your timeslot. 

Lorry Traffic Regulations
The movement of lorry traffic through Europe over weekends is subject to differing country laws. Exhibitors and Contractors should take note of these regulations to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Lorry Parking 
Lorry parking for IBC2022 will be located at P17/P18. This secure parking area is a short distance away from the RAI. All lorry drivers must visit the RAI security gate at the P5 Lodge by foot in order to confirm the parking position and pre-pay the parking fee for the event days (lorry parking during build-up and breakdown is free of charge when ordering lorry parking for the event days). Please refer to the RAI Amsterdam Traffic Regulations for the lorry registration and parking route maps. Please note that it is not permitted for the drivers to spend the night in the lorry parking area. To ensure smooth delivery and collection of goods, exhibitors are requested to share this information and the RAI Amsterdam Traffic Regulations with their appointed contractors/drivers.

Deliveries / Collections
All trucks, lorries and vans that need to deliver or collect goods to/from the RAI loading terraces must first report to the P20 buffer area. Please ensure you carry a photographic identification with you at all times. Unloading must be carried out as quickly as possible. Empty vehicles cannot be left on the RAI loading terraces under any circumstances at any time. If after receiving a warning, vehicles are still left on the RAI loading terraces, they will be towed away, and the exhibitor concerned will be charged with all related costs.

Maximum loading / unloading times at the RAI loading terraces
Vans - 30 minutes
Trucks - 45 minutes
Trailers - 60 minutes

Private Car Deliveries / Collections
Private cars with deliveries for halls should use the underground car parks and make use of the goods service lifts. During build-up and breakdown, cars and vans up to 1.90m high are permitted in P1/2/3/4. Vans up to 2.70m high are only permitted in P4. Other vehicles must register at the P20 buffer area and will be directed to the RAI loading area. Private cars are not allowed on the RAI loading terraces, except when a vehicle is higher than 1.90m or the goods are very heavy or bulky. These vehicles should proceed to the P20 buffer area where they will be re-directed. The same rules for unloading on the RAI loading terraces as for other delivery vehicles (as above) will then apply.

Please refer to the RAI Amsterdam Traffic Regulations for detailed information. Should you require further assistance, please contact RAI Traffic & Logistics Management on parking@rai.nl